A Family in Crisis: Will Dr. Phil Fire This Family: Backstage

Is This the End?
Dr. Phil tries to determine if he should end his work with the family.
As Dr. Phil announces his decision to stop his work, a major lightbulb blows in the studio, and the audience has to be evacuated. Backstage in the green room, Dr. Phil and the family discuss if they're going to keep working together.

"Do we continue or do we not continue?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I do feel an incredible amount of frustration," Stacy replies tearfully. "I don't really understand the process ... and there are times that I feel like I get set up."

"This family is a train wreck," Dr. Phil says. To Stacy he asks, "You've run your life for a lot of years. How ya doing?"

Sobbing, Stacy replies, "I can't go through life so hurt and untrusting and unkind. And I'm not saying you should tolerate my cussing and frustration. No one should. And that has to stop. But I feel the need to have someone stick through this ... I'm willing to do whatever it takes for my family."

Dr. Phil doesn't let Stacy off the hook so easily. "If you can name somebody in your life that has worked harder on your behalf than me, then trot them out because I want to see them ... I have never had anyone that seems so condescending and ungrateful for all of the work."

Chris says that he hasn't approved of the process at times. "I've been at the end of my rope," he confesses. "You're giving us that opportunity right now to not have any more to deal with, and part of me is going, 'You know what? That'd probably be real easy.'"

Dr. Phil wants the family to understand that he is not going to retract any of the resources he's offered thus far if they decide to call it quits.

"Everything that you have, I will make sure that you continue to have ... except me," he tells them. He asks Stacy how she feels about his decision.

"I think I need to make some apologies, and I think I need to do some soul searching," she replies. "I feel like I've pushed away everyone in my life ... Maybe I sensed in you that you wouldn't let me do that and that you would say, 'I'm going to stick with you through all of your BS, because I've not had one person in my life do that.'"