A Family in Crisis: Will Dr. Phil Fire This Family: Brianne's Grades

Still America's Sweetheart?
Dr. Phil wants to know why Brianne's grades are slipping, and why she's constantly getting grounded.
Dubbed by Dr. Phil as "America's Sweetheart," Brianne has gone from being an "A" student to a "C" student.

Chris says that Brianne is grounded because she leaves her chores unfinished. Stacy agrees, saying, "If you're going to live here, you're going to contribute."

"I feel like I have too many chores," Brianne complains. "I sweep and mop the kitchen floor, do the dishes, dust the living room and then I have to do my homework."

As far as her slipping grades are concerned, Brianne explains, "I think that part of it's normal, just because I'm stressed out. I've got a lot going on." She adds that whenever she's stressed out or angry, she'll play the piano.

"It's just getting harder as I go on," Brianne says. "I don't really look forward to coming home unless I'm hungry."

Dr. Phil asks Brianne what she meant when she said that she's less focused on her grades than she is on being a teenager.

"Well, I've got a lot going on," she answers. "I was just in a musical, and that took a lot of time. And just getting through every day, arguing with parents and everything."

"You've always had a standard," Dr. Phil reminds her. "You've done well in school. You've done well in so many things and that's been kind of your North Star, right? You need to keep your eye on that North Star. You need to keep moving toward what makes you so excellent."

He adds, "You've got a lot of problems at home, but like my sisters and I used to tell each other, 'Sometimes you've got to rise above your raising.' If you're being raised in a certain way and it's been ripply sometimes, you've got to get ahead of that and say, 'We'll get through this, but I'm going to do what's important."