A Family in Crisis: Will Dr. Phil Fire This Family: Dr. Phil's Ultimatum

Dr. Phil's Ultimatum
Dr. Phil tries to determine whether or not Stacy's sixth pregnancy was planned.
Now that Stacy is pregnant with baby number six, emotions run high when she tries to convince Brianne that her pregnancy wasn't accidental.

Brianne tells Stacy and Chris, "You guys have conflicting stories."


"I guess for some reason, she got the impression that this wasn't what [Chris] wanted," Stacy says. "I was telling her, 'We planned this.' I didn't know it was going to happen then, but we knew, and had talked about it."

Brianne remains confused about the circumstances of Stacy's latest pregnancy. "I don't want the new baby. I want Bohdan back," she says.

Dr. Phil tries to get the facts straight. "Was this pregnancy planned or not planned?" he asks the couple.

"It was planned in the sense that we wanted to have another child in the future," Chris answers. "As far as getting pregnant at exactly the time that she did? No."

Stacy agrees. "Neither of us were expecting that it would happen within two weeks."

"The baby is due in July," Dr. Phil points out. "Do you think there's progress that has to be made between now and then to give this baby a good environment to come into? Do you think we're making that progress?"

When Chris says that he does, Dr. Phil disagrees. "I have to tell you, I don't think we are."

"From the outside in, I don't think we're making progress here," Dr. Phil tells Stacy. "In the last show that we did, you and I argued for 10 minutes, and then you sat and looked off for the next 10 minutes ... I don't think you like this process. I don't think you accept this process, I don't think you like the help that's being offered, and I don't think we're getting anywhere. What do you think?"

"I think that's an interesting point of view," Stacy laughs. "There are aspects to this process ... that I've disagreed with, that I still disagree with. I'm not going to pretend, and put on a smiley face for you or for the cameras or the audience or for America."

"It's not about putting on a smiley face," Dr. Phil counters. "It's a process that you have to be willing to buy into."

"My sense is that you, Stacy, are so resistant to the process, that it gets in the way of the content," Dr. Phil says. He then asks for Chris' opinion.

"I've personally made some progress," says Chris. "To me, it's working."

Dr. Phil asks Stacy to clarify her earlier comment that his point of view was "interesting."

"There's a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes that people aren't aware of," Stacy says, adding, "I'm here because I think that what you have to say, and the work that you can push us to do in our family is valuable."

"But I don't think it's taking hold," Dr. Phil says. "I have to tell you, I have a problem with your constant insinuation that there are things going on behind the scenes that are hiding things and distorting the truth. That is absolutely, unequivocally, in my opinion, wrong."

"I'm not for everybody," Dr. Phil insists. "I tell you what I think and I could be wrong. If that's your decision, then you should reject what I say. You should reject the process, and you should do something different. But if you're going to be in it, you have to embrace it."

Reminding Stacy that he's arranged private counseling for them, brought in a Harvard University expert to review their finances, and placed Michael at Happy Hill Farm, a school for at-risk children, Dr. Phil says, "I find that my experience of you is that you are ungrateful for all of that intervention."

The audience applauds and he continues, "I think you are non-compliant with the assignments that I give you. I think you are abusive to my staff, and extremely demanding to everybody involved in this situation. Unless you can give me some compelling reason not to, I think we need to end this."