A Killer Among Us?: Attorney Statment

A Killer Among Us?: Attorney Statment

Atty. Joel Brodsky's statement to the Dr. Phil show regarding his client, Drew Peterson:


Drew denies abusing Stacy, Kathleen, or his girlfriend of 25 years ago, Kyle.

As to Kyle, Drew states that it was he who broke up with her, and not vice versa as Kyle states. In all fairness to both Drew and Kyle, the events of 25 years ago are so remote that what occurred is obscured by the fog of time. After hearing from Kyle, Drew wonders when the media is going to track down his prom date for a statement that he was a bad kisser.

As to Stacy and Kathleen, Drew absolutely denies any physical abuse but does acknowledge that he could be called somewhat controlling. However, this trait was no secret to either woman before they married Drew. All the women in his life have acknowledged that Drew was exciting, handsome, charming and romantic. Drew's children are all doing great, and his high school freshman son was just named first in his freshman class at Bolingbrook High School. The long and short of this is that no person is perfect, and we all have positive and negative traits in relationships.

As to involvement in Kathleen's death, Drew absolutely denies this. The original pathologist found that the death was accidental, and with all due respect to Dr. Baden, at least two other prominent pathologists who reviewed the original autopsy agreed that the finding of accidental death was correct. Dr. Baden stated that people don't drown in bathtubs, but that is not correct. The National Safety Counsel reported that there were 341 bathtub deaths by drowning in 2000, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that in 2006 there were 126,563 bathtub/shower-related injuries in the U.S. based on 3,147 reported incidents, including four deaths, for people between the ages of 21 and 65.

Atty. Joel Brodsky's statement (cont.):


The divorce between Drew and Kathleen was a contentious one, fueled in part by the fact that Drew became involved with Stacy, the "younger woman." There are records of physical confrontations between Kathleen and Stacy. However, the only charge and order of protection sought by Kathleen against Drew was dropped by her very shortly after it was brought. There is no substantiated report or record of Drew ever physically abusing any of his wives, and the only unsubstantiated report arose out of a contentious divorce and was almost immediately dropped.

As to Stacy, Drew denies any involvement in her disappearance and states that she ran away the same way as her mother did when Stacy was 16.