A Killer Among Us?: Carol and Terry

A Killer Among Us?: Carol and Terry

"When I heard Kathleen was dead, I said to my husband, 'He did it. Drew did it,'" says Carol, whose husband, Terry, Drew had hired eight years previously to work at his company.

Terry presents his view of Drew's relationship with Kathleen this way: "It was obvious that she was extremely afraid of him."

Carol says she didn't like Drew from the very beginning. She describes seeing Kathleen one day when, "Her eye, it was all black and blue, and she had bruises on her arms." Carol recalls being horrified.

Terry spoke to Kathleen at the time. "I said, 'I've got a big house, so you can come up there any time if you need to get away,'" he says.

Carol reiterated the invitation. "I said, 'I don't want to interfere, but I just want you to know that you have a place to go if you need one.' She thanked me, but I never received a phone call. Looking back on it, with what happened to Kathleen, I am 100 percent sure that Drew murdered Stacy."

Back in Dr. Phil's studio, Terry describes Kathleen coming to work in sunglasses to cover up her bruises. He says, "I didn't want to intrude into her domestic life, and her private life, and I said, 'How are things?' She says, 'Not very good,' and I said, 'Well, you mean here, or ... ?' and she says, 'No, at home.' And I said, 'What's a matter at home?' and she says, 'We're not getting along.' And I said, 'Oh, I'm so sorry.' I said, 'Does it get physical?' and she said, 'Definitely.'"

"And that's the concern," says Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil returns to his phone conversation with Drew. "One of the things that I'm concerned about is the fact that he is playing the victim in this situation," he says, "and at no time, when I talked to him, not one word of concern about his wife, not one word of concern about his children.


"He wanted to point to the fact that her mother had disappeared some nine years ago, and he said, 'Her mother did it and now she's doing it.' There were dramatic differences in this situation. Her mother was addicted to alcohol. Her mother had lost two children, one to sudden infant death syndrome, another to a house fire. She had been in conflict with the law for shoplifting and different problems. There was a complete disparity between her history and that of Stacy as a mother, but that seemed to be lost on him."

Drew denies abusing Stacy, Kathleen, or his girlfriend, Kyle, 25 years ago. He denies any physical abuse toward Stacy, but does acknowledge that he could be called somewhat controlling. However, Drew says this trait was no secret to either woman before they married him. For the full statement from Drew and his attorneys, click here.


Dr. Phil turns to Lisa, and says, "Tell me what's happening with the autopsy of Kathleen Savio at this point."

Lisa replies, "Well, her remains were exhumed, she was dug up, and Dr. Michael Baden, who was the chief medical examiner for the City of New York for many years, a very highly respected forensic examiner, took a look. She was covered with bruises. Now the story was that she drowned to death in a bathtub. A bathtub that was dry, by the way."

"How was that missed at the time?" asks Dr. Phil.

"This was not investigated at the time, Dr. Phil," says Lisa. "This was ruled an accidental death; it was done. He was a police officer, and some say the police organization needs to be looked at closely because something was wrong with that story. But now, head-to-toe bruises, clearly she was beaten. [Baden] says homicide."

Dr. Phil says, "The media has reported there have been as many as 18 calls for help from the house, 9-1-1 calls, calling the police for help. Has the police force up there talked at all about why nobody ever did anything, nobody ever took protective measures?"

"No," says Lisa. "And there's an internal investigation going on right now about that because you can imagine Kathleen Savio having to call the police to report abuse by her husband who's also a police officer. And this is a tragedy for a lot of women who report police abuse by the way."

"Do you believe there was a blue barrel, a blue container, a blue something?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I think that's a credible story," Lisa replies. "The stepbrother tells the story. Drew Peterson says, 'Don't believe him. He's crazy.' Well, the guy is bipolar. We all know that does not mean crazy. That does not mean delusional. He's been medicated, functioning effectively in society for the last 10 years. Apparently after helping Drew Peterson lift the warm, warm blue barrel into the SUV, the next day he attempted suicide. Now, was that from a grief-stricken conscience, or was that from a mental disorder? We just don't know at this point."