A Killer Among Us?: Kyle

A Killer Among Us?: Kyle

"I could have been Mrs. Peterson number two," says Kyle Piry. She was engaged to Drew Peterson for four months 25 years ago.

Kyle remembers, "When I first met Drew, he was very outgoing, very funny, very charming. He was a police officer, a decent guy. My family liked Drew, but after we had gotten engaged, he became a lot more controlling. He would get really upset if I wanted to go out with my friends. When I came home, he would be following me. At 20 years old, I thought I'm just not ready and felt like I was really losing my life. I called off the engagement."

About two weeks after Kyle and Drew broke up, she says they got into an argument. Kyle says the fight turned physical, and she ended up on the floor. She says, "He pushed me, he straddled me, pinned me to the ground in a police hold, pressed his knees against my arms to keep me down. I did call the police. They sent over an officer who happened to be one of his friends, and he convinced me not to press charges. Then it was a year and a half of him stalking me.
Drew would follow me. He would pull me over. He wrote me tickets for silly things: bald tires, lights not bright enough. Sometimes he would just pull me over to harass me, and he always had a big smile on his face.

"When I saw Drew on the Today Show, I could see that same kind of smirkish smile on his face. Being a police officer, he wants to be in control. Drew could have murdered Kathleen. Drew is probably responsible for Stacy being missing. He's calculating and has been on the police force long enough to figure out how things work. I could have probably ended up like Kathleen or Stacy. I guess I'm lucky."

Kyle tells Dr. Phil that she believes Drew's alleged history of physical abuse began with her.

"Why did you get out?" asks Dr. Phil.

"It felt uncomfortable," she answers. "He didn't want me going out with my friends, and it started to appear to me that he wasn't comfortable with me having my own life outside of him and his two kids from a previous marriage."

"Do you think he killed Kathy Savio?" asks Dr. Phil, of Drew's third wife. "Do you think he's involved in Stacy's disappearance?"

"After hearing the stories, though, the circumstances of both of them, it just seems like too many things point toward that behavior," she tells him. 

Dr. Phil turns to Court TV correspondent Lisa Bloom. Lisa has been following this case closely and believes that Drew fits the profile of a killer. Dr. Phil asks why.

"Well, first of all," Lisa begins, "his story is preposterous, that she ran off with another man. She didn't take her car. She didn't come back and talk to her kids. She's never called her family. She hasn't used a credit card. She hasn't used a cell phone. I mean that's just insulting to all of our intelligence." She continues, "The second thing is his demeanor and his attitude. He's almost dancing on her grave, Dr. Phil. He's doing a little jig in the driveway in front of the reporters. He's making jokes about posing for Playgirl. Something's wrong with this guy."


Dr. Phil offers some insight, based on his phone conversation with Drew. He says, "One of the things that bothers me about this is " I always look to see if the person's emotion, if their affect, is appropriate to the circumstance. I don't care if you don't care about your wife anymore; you would still at least care about the mother of your children gone missing in some way, and I just haven't seen any appropriate emotion or affect about that." Turning to Lisa, he says, "You've seen every inch of tape there's been, do you ever see anything appropriate with him?"

"No," she replies. "He seems to be having the time of his life, doing media interviews, the fact that they're all camped out in front of his home. And think about his story, Dr. Phil. If she really ran off with another man, wouldn't he be concerned that he hasn't heard from her, that the children haven't heard? Maybe this other man did something to her. He never says that."

"You would think," Dr. Phil agrees. He adds that although Drew has said before that he thought his wife ran off with another man, he told Dr. Phil he didn't know what happened, that he couldn't even guess.

"[Drew] said, 'If I cry, everybody says I'm faking it. If I laugh, they say I'm being unsympathetic,'" Dr. Phil recounts. "So, he says, 'I can't move; I can't stand still,' is his position."

Lisa is not convinced. She says, "We could understand if he cried or if he was stoic. We could understand that. What we can't understand is dancing the jig in the driveway in front of the media, making jokes about posing for Playgirl, that kind of a thing. That's beyond any normal kind of grieving, isn't it?"

Dr. Phil agrees, and continues, "He told me, he said, 'I'm expecting them to drag out my eighth grade prom date, at this point, to say I'm not a good kisser.'"

"As if Kyle is in that category, by the way," says Lisa. "How insulting to her."

Dr. Phil asked Drew if he would agree that, as someone who has himself conducted investigations, he would be a likely suspect. Dr. Phil recounts telling him, "'You look like a really good suspect for this based on everything that's gone on.' And he thought for a long time, and he said, 'Well, you know what, I guess I really do look like a good suspect. If I was investigating this, I think I would be looking at me as well.'"

"Yep," Lisa agrees, "and he's left in his wake a trail of women who were threatened, harrassed, one is dead and one is missing."