A Teen's Pregnancy: Brittney assignments

Homework Assignments

Brittney's parents leave the house, and it's up to the 16-year-old to care for the Ready or Not Tot, which is a robot baby that simulates a real baby's behavior. "I have to carry the baby around all the time. It's not really a big hassle, but it's not really a baby," she says. "If you put the baby in an uncomfortable position, he'll cry. If he's hungry, he'll cry."

The baby starts to wail, and Brittney inserts different keys into the back of the baby, one for a diaper change, another to give the baby attention, until the right one fits and stops the crying. At 1:20 a.m., Brittney finally goes to sleep. The next morning, Brittney shares, "I was up most of the night. He woke up two times. He started crying. I tried everything, and he was still crying, so I didn't know what was wrong, because the fake baby is not supposed to do that."

Brittney's parents have always provided for her, so Dr. Phil thinks it's time she learns how to earn a living. He sends her to get a job, while she wears the 7-month pregnant belly. She also must care for the robot baby while she works.

Brittany and her father drive to the job interview, and when they arrive at the store, Brittany says, "The baby's at home by himself."

Brittney's sister, Courtney, shares, "I was at my friend's house, and they called and said, ‘We have an emergency. We need you to come home.' Why? ‘We forgot the baby.'" She rolls her eyes.

[AD]Brittney interviews for the job and gets hired. While she's working, Dr. Phil calls.

"I understand that today in your rush to get to the interview for your job that you forgot the baby at home," he says.

Brittney laughs. "We all just kind of slipped and forgot."

"That happens when you're just 16," Dr. Phil says.

When Brittney returns home after work, her sister asks her, "How do you forget a baby?"

After working a 20-hour week at minimum wage, Brittney would take home about $147. To learn how far her paycheck will stretch in the real world, she goes shopping for baby necessities at the USA Baby store. While perusing the aisles, the teen realizes how much everything costs.

[AD] "I'm starting to see the rudeness and the attitude," Kelly says. "At the end of our shopping trip, it completely reminded me of why we called Dr. Phil."