A Teen's Pregnancy: DP and Brittney

Living in Fantasyland?

Dr. Phil: Describe your situation, right now, the way you see it.

Brittney: My parents and I are not exactly on the same page about the pregnancy.

Dr. Phil: Are you upset with them?

Brittney: I'm upset with them about the way that they reacted to the news ... They told me I was ruining the family, and then I went to bed and they came in and woke me up at, like, 2:00 a.m., and my dad was yelling at me, like, thoroughly enraged and yelling at me at the top of his lungs, calling me a spoiled, rotten little bitch. 

Dr. Phil: How is this going to work out?

Brittney: I'm not entirely sure. I want to keep the baby and figure out a way to do that, versus giving it up for adoption.

Dr. Phil: Do you expect your parents to raise the baby?

Brittney: No, I don't want them to raise the baby. I want them to maybe help out once in a while and be there for me if I need them, but I want to try to figure out a way where I can keep the baby without having to put the burden on them and without them having to raise the child.

Dr. Phil: Realistically, how do you have the money to raise the baby?

Brittney:  I'm not completely sure.

Dr. Phil:  Will you be living at home?

[AD]Brittney: I was initially planning on living at home until I'm at least 18.

Dr. Phil:  That totally contradicts what you said, because you said, ‘I don't want to burden them. I don't want them to raise the baby.' But now you're saying, ‘I do want to stay there. I do want them to house me and house my baby.' It does have an impact on them, right?

Brittney:  Yeah.

Dr. Phil:  I'm just trying to get to what the reality is. At this point, you're pregnant, and you can't live in fantasyland. You've got to tell yourself the truth, because you have to make decisions not just for yourself now, but for this child.

Dr. Phil: How's your relationship with the baby's father?

Brittney: It's pretty good.

Dr. Phil:  Y'all are in love?

Brittney: For the most part, yeah, we are. We love each other.

[AD]Dr. Phil: Has he said that he's not in love with you, but that he loves you.

Brittney:  Yeah.

Dr. Phil:  Let me just be a guy; that's not good. When a guy says that, it means he's looking for the door. He wants the problem to go away. The baby's a problem. He wants it to go away, because he wants you to go away.


Brittney: I don't know.

Dr. Phil:  Why did you get pregnant?

Brittney: It was on accident.

Dr. Phil: Do you expect me to believe that? We're just being honest here. This is you and me. We're just being honest. You had unprotected sex. You've had biology. You understand how it works, right?

Brittney: Yeah, I did, and I honestly, I didn't really think about it.

Dr. Phil: So you didn't get pregnant to keep your boyfriend?

Brittney: No.

Dr. Phil: You didn't get pregnant on purpose?

Brittney: I didn't get pregnant on purpose.

Dr. Phil: Did you have a reckless disregard for whether you got pregnant or not?

Brittney: In a sense, yes. I didn't really think about it. I was just being stupid.

[AD]Dr. Phil: You did think about it, because you're too smart not to think about it. You thought about it and you said something to yourself about it. You knew you were taking a risk, right?

Brittney: Yeah.

Dr. Phil: You want me to think that you didn't do it on purpose?

Brittney: I was being stupid, and I wasn't really thinking about it, but no, I didn't do it on purpose.

Dr. Phil: What you've done is you've created a situation, and you have to own it. You created this situation.

Brittney's Emotional State


Dr. Phil: You've got to feel really alone right now.

Brittney:  Yeah, most of the time.

Dr. Phil: Do you miss your parents?

Brittney: I do.

Dr. Phil: Are you sorry this has happened?

[AD]Brittney: Yeah, I'm sorry that it's happened, and that we all have to go through this.

Dr. Phil: Are you scared?

Brittney:  Yeah.

Dr. Phil: What are you most afraid of?

Brittney: I'm most afraid of not being able to support this baby, and my parents resenting me for doing this.