A Teen's Pregnancy: story

An All-American Family

"Brittney was always an overachiever. She's always excelled at what she's done, whether it was sports or academically," says Dale, of his now 16-year-old daughter.


"Brittney has always been a fabulous kid," says Kelly, Dale's wife and Brittney's mom. "Brittney is a straight-A honor student. She's number one or number two in her class every year. We've never had any issues with Brittney."


Dale and Kelly say they started talking to Brittney about boys and sex when she was 8 or 9 years old. "We always talked about being out at night, being with boys. Everything's been an open-door policy in our house, and it's always been that way," Dale shares. 


[AD]Brittney was 15 when she met her current boyfriend. "I immediately felt like he was going to be someone special," the teen says.


Dale and Kelly asked their daughter if she was having sex with her boyfriend. "She'd roll her eyes and say, ‘No, I'm not having sex,'" Kelly recalls. "We thought we had asked all the right questions, and I took her at her word."


"Basically, she just lied about it," Dale adds.

"I found out that I was pregnant when I wasn't feeling too good. I was getting light-headed, and I could just feel something was off," Brittney says. "I took an at-home pregnancy test, and it came out positive. My boyfriend and I decided to tell my parents together."

"They called us in the other room and said, ‘We're pregnant,' almost like it was no big deal," Kelly remembers. 

"It was completely matter-of-fact," Dale adds. "I was pissed. I'm angry that she got pregnant. I'm angry that she lied to us about it. Brittney is defiant. Brittney doesn't see the problem. I would rather her not have the baby."


Expressing her frustration to Dale on home video, Kelly says of her daughter, "She's nasty, she's rude, she's mean, and she blames it on everybody else."

[AD]"I was just basically hoping they wouldn't freak out as much as they did," Brittney says. "My parents took my TV and my cell phone, because I'm pregnant, basically."


"My fear, at this point, is if Brittney chooses to keep the baby that she's going to pawn all the responsibility off on her dad and me," Kelly reveals. "We need help. We don't know where we're going. We don't even know how to get through the day."


"I'm going to decide what I want, because legally it is my decision," Brittney says.