The Search is Over

Just before hopping on a plane to London, John received an e-mail from his long-lost son, Hayden, asking him to call.

John speaks to Hayden for the first time in more than 15 years.

John and his wife, Jeanette, head to London, where Private Investigator Harold Copus meets them for a briefing two days before Eileen's extradition hearing.

Harold informs John of what he's learned since arriving. He visited the property where Eileen was arrested. The property has a Sold sign out front, and it's clear that she's not living there. "Eileen hasn't lived there in over a year," he tells them. "She and her husband, Ron, lived there from 2007 to 2009. They moved out. They were having trouble. They were getting a divorce. Ron is now working selling furniture."

[AD]The following day, Harold takes John and his wife to see the property where Eileen and their children lived at one point.

"This is the closest John's been to them, even though it's an empty house," Jeanette says. "There were memories made here."

Next, they head out to visit Eileen's ex-husband, Ron.

Find out what Harold learns about Eileen.

Finally, John and Jeanette go to the extradition hearing for his ex-wife. Will John make contact with his children, or will it be yet another disappointment after 15 years?

Harold meets them outside the courthouse where Eileen's hearing will take place. John and Jeanette eagerly wait outside the entrance, where Eileen will have to pass, hoping to at least see his kids.

See John's first contact with his son, Hayden, and find out what happened in the courtroom.

The following day, Hayden reaches out to his father and suggests they have lunch.

"I just started crying, because I knew it was going to happen," John says. "I was going to see him, and I was going to be able to talk to him."

Both Hayden and Chandler meet with John and Jeanette. John explains that when he saw his sons, he embraced them both in a big hug.

"They were precious," Jeanette says. "I just wanted to hug them and never let them go."

John got a chance to share home videos with his children of when they were little.

[AD]"When the boys saw the video, they kept saying, ‘I remember that. I remember that,'" Jeanette says. "We were witnessing the past meets present. It was just very unique. You can only imagine what's going through their minds."

John explains, "At lunch, I got close to tears when Chandler said to me, ‘I could've stopped this.' I said, ‘You were only 7. You couldn't have stopped this,' and he just said, ‘I knew what was going on. I could've done something about this.' And I was like, ‘Don't worry about it. It's OK.' Maybe they figure they could've called. Maybe they figured they could've let me know where they were. We just have to move forward with this, because looking back in the past is not going to change what's going to be in the future."

"This is a good day on the Dr. Phil show," Dr. Phil comments to John and Jeanette. "I am so pleased that you got to see those boys."

"It was everything and more. It just blew me away. The bond that I have, it's just incredible," John says.

Dr. Phil explains that the dark cloud in this silver lining is that John's 18-year-old daughter, Rebekah, wasn't there.

[AD]John says the information he's gotten from his sons is that she doesn't really remember her father because she was taken at such a young age. "I think she's a little apprehensive. Her mom has raised her all this time, so all the information that she's gathered about me is all, basically, from her mom," he says. "Now, the boys have been able to, in the last 15-and-a-half years, reach back in their memory banks to remember what they had with their dad."