Still Cause for Concern?

In a previous interview, Natasha describes another warning sign that made her believe that someone was abusing her niece. "My niece was swimming, and I noticed that there were marks on her leg. When I looked closer, I realized that those marks were bruises. Somebody had squeezed her with enough force that they left their handprint on her thigh. I was furious," she says.

Dr. Phil tells the family, "I have to tell you, as a professional, there are multiple signs here that this child may well have been violated in some way. Just from a clinical perspective, I'm very suspect that someone has touched this child inappropriately."

"Dr. Phil, my children are very happy kids," Karen says. "She's never once come to me and said anybody was hurting her. I, as her parent, do not believe that my child has been molested at all. Period."

"I hope you're right, and if your motherly instinct is that she has not been, that weighs real heavily with me. But it would be terrible if she had and nobody reacted to it, right?" he asks.

Dr. Phil recommends they allow an appropriate professional to spend time with their daughter in a play-like situation. "I would do it for two reasons: One, if it reveals something that might need some attention, then that would happen. But I am concerned that she may have been traumatized by some of the things that happened with the examinations and being away from y'all for a period of time on more than one occasion. She might have some things that she might give a voice to and that could help that smooth over and make sure that in these formative years, personality-wise, that she's secure in all this. She's been through a divorce situation, she's been through two trips to the hospital, she's been through CPS questioning, she's been through all of these things. If something is there, it might reveal itself. If not, just administering to what she has been through, it might be good to make sure that everything has been smoothed out," he says. 

[AD]Dr. Phil offers to help them find the right professional to meet with their daughter. They accept.

It's been almost a year since Melody has been allowed to see her grandchildren. Will she ever be able to see them again?

Dr. Phil asks Karen, "Is this over, between you and your mother?"

"Yes. She had my daughter raped. Absolutely. They hurt my baby," she says tearfully. She tells her mother, "I will not reconcile with you ever again. This is the worst year of my life, all because of you. My baby went through all of this because of you. You'll never see my kids again."

"I will always believe her," Melody says. "I'm so happy for those results, but if she came to me today and said the same thing " "

"You won't ever have the opportunity to speak with her again."

"I understand that's what you think. It's OK," Melody says.

"I'm done."

Can Karen forgive her sister? And, Dr. Phil cautions her about the words she uses.


Dr. Phil reiterates that it was wrong for Melody and Natasha to take Karen's daughter to the hospital without her permission. And he also finds it hard to believe that police officers told them to do that without contacting Karen. "If they did, I would think they certainly crossed a line and went beyond the scope of their role in this situation," he says.

Natasha agrees, saying it's one of her biggest regrets.

[AD]Dr. Phil acknowledges that the abuse warning signs their daughter has displayed " like bedwetting and bruises " could mean something else, but just in case, they'll get some professional help to figure out what her needs are.

He thanks Jason for stepping up and taking the polygraph exam. "Hopefully, this will begin a period of peace and harmony for your family and for your daughter. I believe family is very important. I hope all this can heal in time," he says.