Addicted To Money

Addicted To Money
Find out if Dr. Phil helped Rod with his addiction to money.

Rod said that if he were addicted to drugs or gambling the way he's addicted to spending money, he would be dead.
"What is it that is pushing you so hard from inside that you're willing to destroy your life to keep from dealing with it?" asked Dr. Phil. "This isn't about the money. It's about you. What are you running from?"

"We don't do things unless there's a reason. And you are never ever going to stop this if you don't get real with yourself about why you're doing it," said Dr. Phil.

When Dr. Phil told Rod that he needed to focus on who he is in his heart — a giving, kind, loving man — instead of worrying about his social mask, the point hit home.

"Dr. Phil started me on the road to good things," he now says. "I'm proud of me, of who I am and what I do."

Rod saves money by buying groceries and cooking, and instead of taking out large sums of cash at the ATM, he limits himself to a $20 bill. (He even kept a $20 bill in his pocket for five days!) He has also set up payment plans with two creditors.

Rod has also been exercising regularly, doing a 90-day challenge at his gym. He's already lost 20 pounds.

Tiffani, 27, wrote in to Dr. Phil when she saw Rod on the show: I jumped out of my chair realizing that not only was he my 7th grade teacher, but my favorite teacher of all time!

Dr. Phil arranged for a reunion between them, so Tiffani could let Rod know in person the difference he made in her life. "I'm a better person for having crossed his path," she says.