Addicted To ...

Breaking an Abusive Cycle
These guests turn to Dr. Phil to break an abusive cycle.

Whenever Sylvia feels stressed out, she turns to food.

Dr. Phil: What is it that makes you know that you need the food? What are you running from? You're using this to medicate yourself. For what?

Sylvia: I worry about getting older. I worry about losing my mother. I worry about my kids. Eating is my way of keeping myself from worrying.

"You can't change what you don't acknowledge," Dr. Phil tells Sylvia. "This is a life decision. You have to be willing to accept yourself and work with yourself instead of continuing to run from yourself."

Rod says if he were addicted to drugs or gambling the way he's addicted to spending money, he would be dead.

Dr. Phil: What is it that is pushing you so hard from inside that you're willing to destroy your life to keep from dealing with it?

Rod: The feeling of having money is a feeling of power.

Dr. Phil: Have you ever thought about how it would feel to walk down the street with money in the bank and peace in your heart?

Rod: I do dream about that. But I don't feel like I'm worthy.

Dr. Phil: We don't do things unless there's a reason. And you are never ever going to stop this if you don't get real with yourself about why you're doing it.

Trisha is a work-a-holic who wants help finding balance.

Dr. Phil: You've made the choice to be consumed by your job. What is the driver behind that choice?

Trisha: Success. I either do it or I don't.

Dr. Phil suggests that Trisha needs to expand her definition of success. Maybe she has financial currency, but what about emotional or social currency?

He adds, "You have got to stop giving yourself permission to hide behind that computer screen ... You've got to give yourself a chance to get in the game. You behave your way to success."