Addiction Resolutions

Addiction Resolutions
Dr. Phil follows up with Steve, who was once addicted to chewing gum.
When Steve appeared on the show, he had stopped smoking, but became addicted to chewing nicotine gum. "I leave my gum in all sorts of odd places: on my computer, on my kids video games," he says.

Shortly after returning home from the show, Steve says it was easy to stop leaving gum everywhere. Dr. Phil had made him promise that every time he left a wad of gum around the house, he had to pay his wife, Amy, $100. If he stuck gum on his son Jake's video games, he had to pay him $100.

"Now, we are a gum-free house," Amy reports happily.

Steve jokes, "Because of that little deal that you made on TV, it also cost me $500 dollars. Not thrilled to pay it, but the house is a lot neater, my wife is a lot happier. So, thanks Dr. Phil."