Adoption, Part 1: Dion, Ashley and Luis

Wishing to Be Adopted
Dr. Phil talks with parents in different stages of the adoption process, and pre-teen children looking to be adopted.
Three older children currently in foster care and looking to be adopted share their stories.

Dion is 13 years old and in the eighth grade. He likes sports and reading. "My greatest wish is to have a mom and dad," he says.

"Dion's an all-around great kid," says his social worker, Will, noting that Dion is a little bit shy at first, but then he warms up.

Ashley, who's 12, likes computers and puzzles. "I want to be a part of a family so I can have someone to love and care for me," she says.

"Our hope is that a family will adopt her and she'll feel that permanency of being in an adopted family," says Maria, Ashley's social worker. She describes Ashley as a jokester who loves to make people laugh.

Luis is 11 years old and likes bike riding and going hiking. "He's a really great kid. He's loving, he's very caring," says his social worker, Olga.

"A permanent family would change my life and make all things better," says Luis, who doesn't want to move around anymore.

"Kids in foster care go through so many things that many of us will never endure. It makes them resilient," says Maria, who points out that older kids still want to be adopted into

a family. "You can really nurture an older child just as much as you can with a younger child. With an older child, they're already in school. They may be involved in acitivites, you can join along with them." She also notes that some kids who live in foster homes fear that if they do something wrong in that home, they will be replaced the next day.

"A foster home is a temporary home, it's not a permanent home," explains Olga. "Kids move from foster home to foster home."

Will points out the importance of having a family and a permanent home. "It's what every child needs. It's what every child deserves," he says.

Dr. Phil brings Ashley, Luis and Dion on stage to meet the audience and chat with them. He introduces Sari Grant, a social worker who is the Program Manager for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. She explains the need for adoptive families.

"In Los Angeles County right now, we are looking for homes for over 800 children," Sari tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil offers to work with the county and help these kids find homes. Knowing that Ashley has a bubbly personality, he lets her have a moment in the spotlight as she tells the audience that it is time for a commercial break.

For more information about adopting children of all ages contact the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services at 1-888-811-1121 or