The Tale of the Tape
Mario and Christine have been married for eight years, but she says he has been plagued with jealousy since day one. Mario says that he knows Christine has been unfaithful — and he has the tape to prove it.

Hear the alleged tape here!

“My husband, Mario, is consumed with jealousy,” Christine says. “He always thinks that I am having an affair. He always needs to know where I am, and who I am with. He always keeps tabs on me.”

Mario sees things differently. “Her answers are suspicious.”

Christine explains that Mario thinks that she is seeing her ex and tape records her conversations to verify his suspicions. She says that he has planted recorders everywhere, including in her car and their bedroom. Mario believes one of the recordings – taken in their bedroom is Christine having sex with another man. Christine says the male voice on the tape is Mario! She has even taken — and passed — a lie detector test to prove it.

“I believe that she had that test rigged,” Mario says. “I am 110 percent positive that she had an affair.”

[AD]Christine grows tearful. “I love Mario, but his constant jealousy and accusations have destroyed everything between us.”

Mario puts the blame on his wife, accusing her of allowing the marriage to fall apart without ever taking responsibility for her affairs.

Christine recently moved out and says the trust in her relationship with Mario has been irrevocably destroyed. However, despite living separate lives, she says Mario still tracks her cell phone from his home computer.
When Mario and Christine join Dr. Phil onstage, Mario tells Dr. Phil that he has no doubt that the voices on the tape are Christine and her ex.

“I couldn’t tell [anything] from it, and I’ve listened to it 10 times,” Dr. Phil tells Mario. “What are your powers of hearing that I don’t have?”

Mario says that when he planted the device, it was empty, and he was not home during the time of the recording.

“I wasn’t having sex with anyone on a tape,” Christine says.

Mario explains his reasons for recording his wife.

Dr. Phil references a lie detector test that Christine agreed to take to prove her innocence. “She wouldn’t do that if she was guilty of something,” he notes.

Mario argues that it took Christine two-and-a-half years to finally agree to take the test.

“Well, I can tell you, it would take a lot longer than that to convince my wife to take a lie detector test,” Dr. Phil muses. Turning to Christine, he asks, “Why did you do it?”

“I did it to vindicate myself,” Christine explains; adding that she passed that test.

[AD]Mario says he doesn’t accept the results of the test and maintains that it was “rigged,” explaining that he wasn’t allowed in the room while the test was being conducted, and the examiner destroyed the charts within a week of the test.

“Wait a second; you wrote the questions, you picked the lie detector examiner [and gave her no information], put her in the room; she took the test, passed the test and now you say that she rigged it,” Dr. Phil says. “How did she rig it?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out,” Mario says. “That’s not me on the tape!”
Dr. Phil explains to Mario that he sent the tape to be reviewed by forensic technologist Doug Carner who spent hours analyzing its contents.

Doug joins the show and explains his findings. “Because of the brevity of the tape and the poor quality, the results were scientifically inconclusive. We can say with a statistical probability that it is Mario’s voice on the recording, but it was below the threshold that we require.”

Dr. Phil explains Doug’s process. He says that Doug matched the vowel sounds on the recording in question with an interview that Mario gave to the Dr. Phil staff. 

Christine acknowledges that she’s never met Doug before and confirms his findings to be accurate. “However, [Mario] probably thinks that I am sleeping with him!” she jokes.

“Do you want her to be guilty?” Dr. Phil asks Mario, but Christine interrupts.

“I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but it’s not normal,” Christine tells Mario.

[AD]Mario also alleges that Christine was having an affair with both of her exes, that she was giving massages to other men, that she dressed up to see an ex and cheated on him when she moved out. Christine denies every accusation.

Christine divulges that to avoid Mario's harassment, she’s had to change her phone number eight times. And during a heated exchange, Mario admits to going so far as taking the hinges off a door to get to Christine.

“That tape was driving me nuts,” he says.

Dr. Phil gives Mario some tough love.