Against All Odds: Ifran

Keeping Safe and Off the Streets

"The Boys & Girls Club is important to me because it keeps me out of trouble. It's a good program for kids who have nothing to do after school and want to learn," says Ifran.

"Ifran, being in his community, he's right in the middle of gang activity," says Addie, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove, California where Ifran attends.

"You get used to living in a bad place. You get used to it so much that it's just, like " hearing a gunshot, it's like, oh, they're gunshots. You don't know what might happen at any moment," Ifran shares. "The Boys & Girls Club keeps me safe in many ways. It gives me shelter, food."


"His dream is to learn to play music," Addie says. "He was introduced to the conga drums. His eyes lit up."

"Drums can do many things; you can make beats, you can make a song. It's a good percussion for you to practice," Ifran says.


"One of our biggest concerns is funding to keep the programs going, that would be the music program, the arts," Addie says. "If we have the kids, and we have some funding, we can put that together, and our kids will win."

Ifran uses plastic buckets in place of drums to make music. Robin says, "There's a Web site called They heard about Ifran, and they are giving him a Simmons Electronic Drum Set."

Ifran smiles from ear to ear.

The Dr. Phil Foundation is also giving a $25,000 grant to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to support their music programs.

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