Aging Gracefully With Robin: Derma Roller

Aging Gracefully With Robin: Derma Roller
Robin discusses the benefits of aloe, including how they helped heal her sister's scars.
Robin discusses some of her favorite beauty products. "No matter how busy I am, I make sure there's enough time for myself every night to take a bath. I love to soak in a bath," she says.

"Well, of course you take a bath!" Dr. Phil teases.

"Because I think it's so important, I want everyone to try it. I'm sending everyone home tonight with the seaweed bath from
Repechage. It's my favorite. It is said to hydrate your skin while detoxifying the body."

She also shows off the latest anti-aging tool on the market: a Leaf & Rusher Derma Roller. Robin demonstrates how to use it by rubbing it on her hand. "It can help the moisturizer penetrate the skin by creating microchannels in the skin. There's no pain or bleeding."

Robin gives everyone in the audience a Derma Roller.