Aging Gracefully With Robin: Olivia Newton-John

Aging Gracefully With Robin: Olivia Newton-John
Robin talks with Olivia Newton-John about how she conquered breast cancer.
Robin chats with Olivia Newton-John about aging gracefully after conquering breast cancer. During their talk, Olivia reveals how she first detected her breast cancer.

"I had breast cancer 12 years ago. And I had lumps on and off and they were always benign. But I found this particular lump, and it felt a little strange. The mammogram was negative. I had a needle biopsy. It was negative. So it was really intuitive that there was something wrong." When her doctor performed a surgical biopsy, they discovered the cancer. "Sometimes we have to tune into our intuition," she stresses.
"Tell me about these breast exam kits," Robin says.

Olivia holds up her Liv Kit. "It's to encourage women to do a monthly self-exam, because you know, I found mine through a self-exam. It's a non-polyurethane bag with a non-toxic oil inside and when you put it on the skin, it doesn't cause any friction. It's like being in the shower."

She demonstrates for Robin by having her feel granules of salt through the bag. "What really amazes me is that a lot of women in our age bracket say, 'I'm scared to find something, so I don't do it.' It's better to know that not to know."

Robin presents everyone in the audience with a Liv Kit, courtesy of Olivia Newton-John. "Use it every month," she advises.

Liv Kits can be purchased online at