Alcohol and Abuse: After the Show
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.
After the show, Dr. Phil assures the audience that his number one priority for this family is to protect the children. "Unless and until I know they are safe and secure, you two don't even hit the radar screen," he explains. Once the children are safe, he focuses on helping Steve and Sheila. He reiterates that they need to be apart at this time. "You're in a vicious, sick cycle and I have to break the vicious, sick cycle," he tells them. He looks to Steve. "I do not trust you as far as I can throw you to not drink ... I don't trust you until I know that I have a support system around you to maintain your sobriety." He addresses Sheila. "I know that you have this rage inside you," he says. "I don't intend for your children to see that another day in their life."

A man in the audience wonders why Steve has stayed in this relationship. Dr. Phil explains, "Any time people go through a pattern of behavior, it's because there's a recurrent payoff in some way." Both Steve and Sheila are getting a payoff in this relationship. "The problem that I have is that the children are paying for this. Their lives are being changed. Their personalities are being changed. Their standards are being set. That's what has to stop," he says. He repeats his offer to provide counseling for the couple.A woman in the audience asks Sheila if she has the same rage toward her two daughters. "If you don't have a switch to turn it
on and off, where is it going to stop with your kids?"

"We have no evidence " direct or indirect " from the children or from either of the parents " that you have ever been physically abusive or even verbally abusive with the children, other than what they've been exposed to," Dr. Phil makes clear. "It's not just a generalized rage response."

Dr. Phil assures Sheila and Steve that they are starting on a positive
path. "You're on task. You're headed in the right direction, I think, for the first time ever. I'm so proud that you found the courage to write that letter and reach out," he tells them and the audience applauds. "I hope you understand that you can get this under control."

Dr. Phil tells Steve and Sheila that his dad was an alcoholic. "He did stop and the last years of his life were the best we ever spent because he was sober," he says. "You can turn this around. Take it from a kid of an alcoholic: It's worth the trouble to make the switch."