Alexandra Goes to Rehab: Rehab

Will Alexandra Stay?
Erin decides to leave Origins before sunrise. The next morning, Alexandra is furious to discover that her mother has left her at rehab — and left Texas. She feels lied to and betrayed.

“First, she was angry,” Erin says. “Then, the heartbreak started. She said, ‘I don’t want to be sober; I just want to be home, Mommy.’”

Alexandra demands to leave for the first several days that she in rehab. “But she shows a sliver of willingness,” Rob says in a phone call to Dr. Phil.

[AD]Alexandra remains in rehab, and while there, writes a letter to her sister, Katherine. Katherine says she didn’t find the letter heartfelt. “I felt it was just to relieve a little of her guilt,” she says. “I feel like I can’t trust my sister at all. I’m very protective over Alexandra’s three kids, and I don’t want to see them hurt. They’ve been so hurt already. I want a relationship with her again, but it’s going to take a long time for me to be able to trust her.”
After 60 days in treatment, Erin and Dr. Phil fly to Texas and discuss Alexandra’s progress.

Marty is a no-show, saying he must stay behind to work and care for Alexandra's children.

Dr. Phil recalls many of the massive blowups between Alexandra and Erin and tells Erin that she is one of her daughter's triggers for doing drugs. He then acknowledges the sacrifice she’s made raising Alexandra’s three children. “I admire that, and you do it well,” he says. “You don’t parent well, but you grandparent really well. How you parent your two girls, I don’t admire.” He tells Erin that unless she makes major changes, she will sabotage Alexandra's recovery. “You need to butt out of her sobriety and leave it to the professionals.”

Erin reveals the first time she heard a change in Alexandra while in rehab.

Dr. Phil asks Erin how she will cope with putting many of the angry and hateful events in the past. She tells him that she’s hoping to learn skills while visiting Alexandra at rehab to help her handle that.

[AD]Dr. Phil warns Erin that it will be a while before Alexandra is prepared to take back her life. “It may be a long time before she’s in a position to say, ‘I can parent three children,’” he says. “This is not a quick fix."

Dr. Phil gives Erin one last tip before the two meet with Alexandra. “The advice that I can give you, and the advice that I’m going to embrace with Alexandra, is: We need to acknowledge where we’ve been, but the focus needs to be on where we’re going.”

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