A Family Torn Apart

"There are so many people in similar situations right now who don't get the impact of their actions on their kids, even their adult children. And so, I wanted to hear your point of view and how this has impacted you," Dr. Phil tells Amy. "Did you have a great dad before this happened?"

"I had a workaholic dad, but he was a good dad. He was there for me. When I would get an A on a test, who was the first person I'd call? My dad. And I'd want to share that with him. I'd want to talk about books that I'd read, and I don't have that anymore," she says.

Amy says she never would've guessed her father was capable of infidelity, and when her mother told her she suspected it, she didn't believe her. "And then when I came home from college, he took me out to dinner with her," she says.

"With her, meaning Anne, the other woman?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes. And he told me somebody would be accompanying us, who my mom wasn't extremely fond of. We drove to her house, we picked her up, and he asked me to get in the back seat," she recalls. Amy says she knew this had to be the woman her mother was suspicious of. "She got in and called him Al and would touch his shoulder and giggle, and it was obvious flirtation."

Amy says she was devastated. "I started getting a little bit teary-eyed in the back, and I didn't know whether I should get out of the car, or if I should continue to observe and confirm my own suspicions, and so, I continued with the dinner," she says.

[AD]"Why would he parade her in front of you?"

"That's a great question," Amy says. "I don't know his intentions. I almost don't even care at this point. I just think it's extremely irresponsible for a father to do that to his own daughter."

She explains that after they dropped Anne off, she confronted her father. "I asked him if he was having an affair with her. I think I was crying at this point because I knew. And he stopped the car and was very upset with me for even questioning his intentions and told me that he was not having an affair with her," she says.

"Did you ever talk to her about any of this?" Dr. Phil asks Amy, about the mistress.

"I got her phone number and left her a voicemail, crying, asking her how she slept at night knowing she helped ruin a family," Amy says.

"What was his reaction to you leaving that voicemail?"

"He threatened to call the police, because he said I was harassing her. One voicemail," she adds with a smile. "No intent to harass her. Just a daughter, crying, heartbroken because her family was falling apart."

"What is your relationship with your father now?"

"I have no relationship with him," she says. Amy says she's not sure she wants one. "Maybe in 10 years, and he would have to not be with her. As long as he is under her wing, I have nothing to do with him. I have a great mom. I have great friends. So I have enough great people in my life. To welcome somebody who is so negative into my life would just bring me down."

[AD]"If he's watching now, is there anything you want to say to him?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Nope. Not a thing. I honestly don't feel like he deserves my words at this point," she says. "There are days that I completely break down because I don't have a father figure in my life, and my father is not there for me at the end of the day. But at the same time, I have a great mom."

"You are strong for your mother, but the greatest gift you can give her is to take care of you. You've got to know that what she wants more than anything in this world is to know that this family comes through intact," Dr. Phil tells her.

Cindy's son and Amy's brother, David, joins the conversation.

"You're in a family with some amazing women here," Dr. Phil notes.

"Definitely," David says.

"How do you feel about how your mom is handling all of this?"

"I think she does a great job. It was kind of a challenge. I always tell my friends, for me to be where I am today, I, of course, owe it all to my mom. My sister as well," he says. "I'm a lucky guy; I have two beautiful women."

[AD]"Is there anything you want to say that you haven't said?" Dr. Phil asks Amy.

Should Amy work on a relationship with her father? See what Dr. Phil advises.