'Am I Cursed?': George

'Am I Cursed?': George

"I believe that I'm cursed. One of my uncle's ex-girlfriends put a curse on us back in Mexico because she hated him. I realize that I got most of that bad luck," complains George. "I call it the 'Ortiz Luck' because a lot of our family members have it."

His fianceé, Jessica, thinks the 'Ortiz Luck' is a myth. "I do not believe in curses. I think it's pretty stupid," she says. 

But George has seen the hex in action. "Not a day goes by when I don't have bad luck with my car. I've been in three accidents. I've gotten, like, five tickets. I've got, like, so many flat tires, I've lost count. It first started when I spun out on a freeway. I was going 80 miles per hour. My back tire popped. I almost died. After that, it was wrecked on September 11. After that, my car was stolen twice in a one-week period."

George's home has not been immune from his unlucky streak. His toilets were flooded, water damaged his living room and his roof started leaking.


The "Ortiz Luck" has spooked George so much that he has postponed his wedding. "Everybody on my side of the family has been divorced at least once. I worry that Jessica will get tired of all this and leave," he confesses.

Addressing George, Dr. Phil says, "I got two words for you. Driver's Ed. You just can't drive worth a damn!"

"It's not my driving. It's the 'Ortiz Curse,'" George insists. 

"The car seems to do OK when you're not in it," Dr. Phil counters. "You wreck it three times, then you sell it to somebody else. He doesn't have any problem with it."

Growing serious, Dr. Phil says, "You're not cursed. I believe in something I call accident-enabling factors. If you really think that there's something wrong, at least give equal time to working backward and seeing if you're doing something to set yourself up for it."

After the show, Dr. Phil says, "Have I said anything that changes the way you think or feel about all of this?"


"I have tried being positive about it. After you've tried for so long, what do you do?" George asks.



essica chimes in, "I have tried really hard to explain to him, 'This is just karma' or 'This just happened because we forgot to check the tires.' We've gotten so many flat tires just out of nowhere."


Addressing George, Dr. Phil says, "I've obviously not convinced you that you may be creating some of your bad luck. You're not going to convince me that you're hexed. I just don't believe that. I think you're a very positive young man. I think there's a point at which you have to say, 'Things happen. So I got a flat. I'll get another tire.' That doesn't mean you put your life on hold, you put your marriage on hold."