'Am I Cursed?': Sarah

'Am I Cursed?': Sarah

"Every Tuesday for the past five years, something awful has happened to me," says Sarah. "My house burned down on a Tuesday. I lost everything. I started noticing that family members had died on Tuesdays, and that's what led me to believe that I really am cursed on Tuesdays."


Sarah's mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin and two friends all died on a Tuesday. "Three years ago, I heard my mother screaming. They took her the hospital and I thought, 'Oh my goodness. It's Tuesday. I don't think she's going to make it.' Twenty minutes later, they gave me the news that my mother had passed away."


She says that certain friends choose not to hang out with her on that day. Her friend, Jess, says, "I did not believe in curses until I met Sarah. It seems every Tuesday something bad happens. We've gotten attacked by bees together on a Tuesday."


Another friend, Jessica, sees things differently. "She exaggerates everything. She's definitely a drama queen!" Jessica says. "She has gone so far as to say, 'September 11 was a Tuesday.'"


Sarah is desperate for help. "It makes me feel bad like a virus or something. I want this curse to end," she says, turning to Dr. Phil. "I need to know how I can get on with my life and get past this hex."

"Why do you think you're hexed?" Dr. Phil asks. "Do you think you're being punished for something?"

Sarah says, "I didn't know at first, but all this bad stuff ... just keeps on happening. Last night, I went and saw a psychic, and she told me all about it." 

"Well, problem solved," Dr. Phil says cynically. "What did she charge?"

"She charged $20, but I only had $10," Sarah says. "She said that when I was born, negative energies crossed."

Sarah taped the Dr. Phil show on a Tuesday. Producers followed her around the minute she woke up. 

On video, Sarah recounts how her curse has not let up. "So far today, my toothbrush broke," she says. "I got locked out of the hotel because I didn't know the doors locked when I went outside ...  And then, my friend got electrocuted unplugging my flat iron. "

On the way out of the hotel, she encountered another problem. "Two huge security guards came up and said, 'You need to come with us. We need to talk. There's some suspicious activity.' It turns out that we weren't even in the room they were looking for!"

There are even more mishaps when she arrives in the studio. "Two cameras that we brought with us broke. Dr. Phil, it's Tuesday. I need to talk to you ASAP!"


Addressing Sarah after the show, Dr. Phil says, "You can control this. You can power through this. And I'd hate to see you talking to some psychic or getting some exorcism or something when in fact you may be able to just analyze it and make some choices."


He advises Sarah to keep listening as the show goes along.