Anatomy of Abuse: Amerie

After the show, Dr. Phil walks Cynthia and Stan backstage to visit their granddaughter, Amerie.

"Gosh, you've gotten so big!" Cynthia observes, giving the girl a big hug. "I love you."

"Love you too, Nana," Amerie says. "I love your necklace."

"It's been a long time since I've seen you," says Cynthia. "Maybe you can come see me every once in a while. You think Mommy will let you?"

"Promise you're going to be good for me and for my mom?" Amerie asks.

Cynthia laughs. "I promise I'll be good," she says. "It's good to see you."


"I'm getting big!" Amerie exclaims.

Stan shares his thoughts. "I'm relieved to know that we're finally able to see her, for one thing. We know that she's OK, secondly. The main thing is she's OK. Now that we're able to see her, it's like a weight has been lifted off my chest," he says.

Cynthia is also grateful to be reunited with Amerie. "I am so happy to see her because I hadn't known how she's doing. It's so wonderful to know that she's gaining weight. I'm so happy her mommy let us see her," she says.