Anti-Aging: Britta

Anti-Aging: Britta
Dr. Phil reveals how you can look and feel as young as you can.

Britta is a sun-worshipping 22-year-old who tans five times a week and uses a tanning bed when the weather is bad.
Britta justifies her habits by saying she won't be like this when she's older. "It's the way that my lifestyle is right now. I'm not working until night, and I have all day off and it's the summer," says Britta.

"I think that the research tells us that it takes years and years for the effects of the sun to aggregate and accumulate and express themselves at a cellular level," Dr. Phil tells her. "Just because you feel good today, and you don't have problems today, doesn't mean that you're not doing damage today that is going to haunt you down the road ... Are you aware that smoking and sun are the two things that age your skin faster than anything?"

"Oh yeah, definitely," says Britta. "I smoke if I am out maybe, but I'm not a smoker."

Dr. Phil clarifies: "Well, you smoke when you drink, right?"

"Yeah, but that's not every day," she says.

"And you drink somewhat frequently," Dr. Phil points out.

"On the weekends," Britta clarifies.

"So you smoke every week. And you tan every day," Dr. Phil concludes. Britta rolls her eyes. "I'm just curious. I'm just doing the math up here."

Dr. Phil shows a picture of Britta at her current age, and then through age progression technology, a picture of what she might look like 10 and 30 years from now, if she continues her current lifestyle.

"Ugh. I look like a dead person," says Britta.

Dr. Phil turns to Dr. Tom Diaz, a medical expert on anti-aging and longevity, for some tips on younger looking skin, and what can be done immediately to slow the aging process down.