"I Live to Eat"
Dr. Phil talks to Elgin's City Manager about losing 100 pounds.
Weighing in at 299 pounds, Elgin City Manager Jim Dunaway says he needs to lose 100 pounds so he can be a role model for his community.

"Some people eat to live. I actually live to eat," says Jim. "The majority of my food is fast food that I pick up very quickly and eat behind the windshield going down the road."

Jim blames his weight gain on playing football throughout high school and college. "My weight was always up. I kept it up to play ball. Since that time, I just haven't taken it off," he says. "I have a lifetime of aches and pains."

Dr. Phil sends in Jim, Thomas and JJ to help. "I was in your position 13 months ago," Weight Loss Challenge winner Jim tells the city manager. "I was 360 pounds and I never ate vegetables. I never ate fruit."

JJ interjects, "I would be willing to bet that nearly every single restaurant in town has a healthy option for you if you choose to take it. So you're going to commit?"

"I promise to commit," Jim pledges.
"Do you have any conscious awareness of what your risk factors are for heart attack and stroke at six feet tall and 299 pounds?"

"I absolutely do," Jim answers. "Not only have the doctors told me that through the years, but I live with a nurse who tells me that, if not daily, at least two or three times a week."

When Dr. Phil asks Jim what his response is to those statistics, Jim replies, "I actually just kind of overlook it and go back to the fried foods."

Dr. Phil wonders if Jim's current lifestyle is fair to his 17-year-old daughter. "If, God forbid, you drop over from complications of obesity and she has to stand at a gravesite with her dad instead of growing up with him, is that fair to her?" he asks.

"No, absolutely not," Jim replies.

Dr. Phil compares Jim to his own father, who played football when he was younger and died before his time from complications related to obesity.
"Do you think there's a time in your life that you'll ever have more help, more support, more resources than right now?" Dr. Phil probes.

"Oh no. You've got the whole town going on this thing now," Jim answers. "Because of my position, it's kind of hard to hide. I'm out there in the eye, and people are going to see that. Once they see me commit to you on TV, then I'm going to have all the help I need."

Explaining that one of the seven keys is having a circle of support, Dr. Phil says that he wants Elgin to manage their city manager. "If you see him in town and he's in a restaurant, and he's got a plate in front of him that he can't see over when you walk up, do me a favor. Reach out and get the plate, take it over to the waste basket and drop it," Dr. Phil jokes as Jim makes a face and groans. "If you're at the track and he's not there, call him and ask him why. If you're at the gym working out and he's not there, call him and ask him why. I want to make this boy a project."

"I guess I'm going to have to start eating in the dark," Jim quips.

"You can run, but you're just going to die tired, because we're going to find you," Dr. Phil teases. "We're going to give you all the help and support, and we're going to do this with love and caring."