"Diets Don't Work"
Dr. Phil talks to Lisa, who struggles with health problems from her obesity.
Lisa has gained over 100 pounds in the past eight years and can't stick to a diet plan to save her life. "Growing up, my life did revolve around food. All we did was eat," she recalls. "My father was over 400 pounds. Both sides of my family have heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. I'm worried that I will inherit some of these traits."

Lisa admits that her biggest downfall is eating out. Her husband, Jody, agrees. "Lisa and I have actually eaten McDonalds for three meals just because it was easy and convenient," he reveals.

After trying many diets, Lisa says that nothing has worked, although she was motivated by Dr. Phil's program. "I watched
every episode of the Weight Loss Challenge and the person that I most related to is Jim," she says. "He's a lot like I am. He's loud and very talkative."

Dr. Phil sends Jim and Thomas in to raid Lisa's pantry. They replace peanut butter, angel food cake and sausage with whole grain bread, lean meats and other healthier snacks.
"What did you learn about what I've said so far?" Dr. Phil asks Lisa.

Lisa says she wants to lose weight for her kids. "I was one of those kids that had to bury their dad when I was 19 years old because of obesity-related things," she confesses.

"You've got diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity all running in your family," Dr. Phil points out. "Your father died of cancer and diabetes. What's kept you from doing something about it before now?"

"The sad thing is, we have a full gym," she answers. "I have numerous exercise videos. Last year we went on a low-carb diet and I lost over 30 pounds."

Dr. Phil stresses that diets don't work. "If you go on a diet, you lose weight. When you come off a diet, you gain it back, plus some," he explains. "Isn't that exactly what happened?"

"That's exactly what happened," Lisa replies.
"If you go on some highly restricted diet, you will lose weight, but eventually, you're going to rebel against that," Dr. Phil explains. "And when you rebel, you're going to binge, and you're going to binge on the foods that you've been deprived of. The idea is to change your whole lifestyle so you're not on a diet, so you just set a get real weight."

Turning to Thomas, Dr. Phil asks, "How foreign would it feel to you right now to eat the way and do the things you did when I met you a year ago?"

"I'm not sure I could," Thomas replies. "The idea of eating that way again, I can't fathom it right now."

To Lisa, Dr. Phil says, "What we've got to do is not put you on a diet, but change how you eat, why you eat, when you eat, where you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat. And we've got to change your activity levels. But if we put that pattern in place for you, are you willing to embrace that?

"Yes sir," she answers.

Dr. Phil says, "You've seen the results right here with these guys. I'm not saying it's easy, but you can do this. And you'll never had a better chance than right now."