Are They Still Fighting? Lillian and Mauricio
A guest whose spending was so out of control that her husband was considering divorce tells Dr. Phil what happened after she took his advice.
Lillian and Mauricio

When Lillian suspected that her husband Mauricio had an affair, she sought revenge by spending $25,000 behind his back. Mauricio, who denied any infidelity took place, felt betrayed and was considering divorce.
On "For Better or Worse," Lillian told Dr. Phil she didn't know why she was spending money they didn't have and jeopardizing their child's future. Dr. Phil told her that it didn't matter why she was doing it, but that it had to stop. Did she listen?
"After the show, we did separate for two weeks," says Lillian. "I thought it was going to be for good."
"When my family left, I was very depressed, lonely and confused," says Mauricio. "It's not worth losing my family over $25,000. Lillian had taken a big step by going on national television and admitting she had a problem."
"It was important for me to come back to this marriage because I wanted to show my husband and kids that I wasn't going to be doing the things I was doing," says Lillian. "We've changed 100 percent in all aspects of our marriage. When Dr. Phil said I needed to grow up because my son was picking up the tab for my behavior, I realized I needed to grow up for myself, my family and my husband. I like the person I am now. And I like the person Mauricio is now. We are no longer fighting about money and just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary."
"I'm proud to say we're debt free now," says Mauricio. "Thank you, Dr. Phil for helping us realize that mistakes don't end marriages, people do."
Dr. Phil congratulates them and adds, "Both of you had a position and both of you took a step back and said, 'I don't want to be right, I want this to work.' Sometimes, that's exactly what it takes."