Ask Dr. Phil and Robin: Albert Reed

Living in the Limelight

Model Albert Reed is best known as the cover boy for Abercrombie & Fitch, and recently he garnered even more attention as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. He's asks Dr. Phil and Robin, "With my new-found fame, whom can I trust in Hollywood?"


Albert joins Dr. Phil and Robin onstage. "Has this been a wild ride?" Dr. Phil asks him.


"You get kind of that sense of that overwhelming Hollywood feeling," he says.


Robin shares, "I do understand how you feel with a new-found stardom. You have a very private life, just like us." She explains that she and Dr. Phil came to Los Angeles from Texas and opened their lives to the public. "One thing that has helped me and our entire family is to remember what's really true and right in your heart, and not let the outside world and this town influence you."

Albert points out that he's had hundreds of offers since he's been on Dancing with the Stars. "Especially people whom I previously had a friendship with, who are trying to get business deals with me," he says. "It sours the relationship. It sours the friendship that I had with them, which is sad, because you really see the true colors of people." He notes that he's not in the business for money. "I like touching people's lives. You get to meet new people every day," he says.

"You got started really young, and you did all the fast-track, wild and crazy partying stuff. You're kind of over all that, right?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I do the red carpet events, and I go home. I relax. I've got a dog," he says, "instead of the whole party scene. I'm not into it anymore."

"The truth is you don't have a lot of friends out here. It is business," Dr. Phil tells him. "What they want to know is, 'What can you do for me today?' If you're hot, and if you're moving, they're all over you. If all of a sudden you're yesterday's news, you couldn't get them on the

phone with a gun. What I've always done is surround myself with people and professionals whom I trust." He asks Albert what he would like to be doing a year from now.


"Now, it's movies and music," he says.


"If you knew then what you know now, would you still have done Dancing with the Stars?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Yeah. It was a great experience," he says.


"You did a great job, and you had a lot of fans out here," Dr. Phil tells him.