Ask Robin About Valentine's: Cheryl and Melissa

Makeover Madness
Robin tells her romance secrets and helps with two makeovers.
A Mother's Makeover

Cheryl is a stay-at-home mother of two who lives in sweat pants. She has even divided them into categories: everything sweats and her "fancier" ones. She has been an athlete all her life, and says she can count on one hand the number of times she's been dressed up or worn high heels.

When it comes to cosmetics, she's not very experienced. "Putting on makeup is almost like being a kid getting into your mommy's makeup," she says, adding that she gets her hair cut at her mom's house or goes to Wal-Mart when they have their $9.99 special.

Her husband Bill wants to see her wearing more skirts and looking more trendy.

Cheryl explains, "Since the birth of my daughter, I realize how important it is to be beautiful and kept up for my husband." She wants Robin's help to dress more like a lady so she can surprise her husband on Valentine's Day.

After a trip to Macy's with fashion consultant Lawrence Zarian and a few hours at Louis Licari Salon, Cheryl gets a new look.

When she makes her grand entrance, the audience cheers.

"I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore," Cheryl jokes.

Her husband Bill can't believe his eyes. "Where did you put my wife?" he asks. "She looks great!"

Dr. Phil tells Lawrence that they did an amazing job, and he thinks Cheryl looks great. Robin tells Cheryl that to top off the new makeover, she gets to keep her new outfit!

A Romantic Love Nest

Melissa wrote in asking Robin for help making her bedroom more romantic and inviting.

"I have the most boring, unromantic bedroom," she says. "There's just no atmosphere. It's not a retreat. It's not romantic."

Their room is also not functional. Their bed blocks the fireplace, their broken curtains prevent them from enjoying the view outside, and there are wires hanging loose near the TV.

"I'd love to have a place to go at the end of that day that I could be romantic with my husband," says Melissa, who doesn't know where to begin when it comes to decorating. She asks, "Robin, what can I do to make my bedroom more romantic for Valentine's Day?"

While John and Melissa were en route to the show in Los Angeles, Real Simple
magazine's style director, Elizabeth Mayhew, was hard at work. With the help of Lowe's and a new bed from Chamber's by Williams Sonoma, their bedroom is completely different!

Melissa and John watch the monitor as their room is redone, and they are surprised and excited when they see the results.

"I love it! It's beautiful," Melissa exclaims.

Robin reveals that she has one last surprise for Melissa and John's new bedroom. "I think there is nothing more romantic or loving in a bedroom than to have loving photos of each other," she says, presenting them with a four panel photo canvas of them made by