Ask the Authors: Lisa

Lisa is a member of the Women of Faith organization. They began 10 years ago as a small group with a big vision and now sell out stadium events across America. Robin McGraw is a guest speaker on this year's tour. Lisa, who has Down Syndrome, appeared on a previous Dr. Phil show hand-signing alongside gospel singer Sandi Patti. After the show, Dr. Phil offered to help make Lisa's already shining smile even brighter.


"Dr. Phil was really taken with Lisa and was wanting to do something special for her," explains Lisa's mother. "What he wants to do is to have her teeth fixed."

As Lisa waits at the Los Angeles office of Doctor William Dorfman, she says, "I'm nervous because I've never done this before." When the doctor greets her, she screams with joy, "You're so cute!"

Dr. Dorfman takes photos of Lisa's mouth. "Lisa was born with normal size teeth. The problem is she's ground them down," he explains. "We made her an appliance that she can wear over her normal teeth. She'll be able to do everything with these."

After being fitted with her new teeth, Lisa checks out her smile in the mirror. She giggles quietly and gives Dr. Dorfman a hug. "It feels real. I'm smiling for joy," she says. "Thank you, Dr. Phil."