Still at Large

Scott Bernstein is a licensed private detective who has helped bring thousands of fugitives to justice. He investigates Greg and Estela's home. "This crime scene is different than other crime scenes. What is different is in breaking into a garage of a neighbor so far away, and going directly into the master bedroom, he wasn't there for any robbery motive. He was there for one other intent: to harm. And we have to focus on why was his intent to harm? I'm not ruling out the factor that it wasn't just one person," he says. 

Scott tours the exterior of Greg and Estela's house, pointing out key discoveries regarding the attacker's escape: blood droplets, blood smears where the attacker may have tripped and fell, and footprints leading to a fence where he may have made his escape.

"This crime could be a random crime. It could be an initiation into a gang," Scott says. He will be taking samples of the blood evidence. "If we find that one blood type or that one blood droplet that is the suspect's, then you nail them on that. It could break the case wide open."

In related news, a man was fatally shot after lunging at two police officers with a knife. There is an investigation into whether that could be the same man who attacked Greg and Estela.

Scott explains, "In investigating perpetrators in several hundreds of interviews, there's one predominant factor that sticks out more than most. The person " the assailant who commits the crime " is usually a transient of some nature. What they do is they'll walk behind the home, make some type of noise, and if they don't see lights emanating from inside the house and they don't get a reaction, they're going to make the assumption that nobody is home and they're going to break into the home. Most break-ins, invasions are usually committed between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. If they see lights emanating from inside the residence, they're going to bypass it."


"The investigation is still an open, active investigation," says Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. "We have processed the physical evidence. I believe we have a partial fingerprint, but there was no DNA left by the suspect at the scene."


If you have any information about this crime, please call the Orange County Sheriff's Department: (714) 628-7170(714) 628-7170. 


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