Baby Dilemmas: Stacia

Potty Mouth
Stacia asks Dr. Phil for help with her 13-month-old son who keeps using the 's' word.
Stacia's 13-month-old baby is developing a potty mouth. At first, Stacia thought her son was saying "shoe," but recently realized that he was using another S-word.

"I know he got this word from me because I say it a lot around the house when I'm frustrated," Stacia writes. "Dr. Phil, I want to clean up my own mouth, but how can I stop my baby from using the same word that I inadvertently taught him?"

"Well, just be glad it's only the S-word, because it could get worse," Dr. Phil teases Stacia. "Parents don't understand sometimes until it's too late what a powerful role model they are. You have to stop saying this word," he stresses.

Dr. Phil continues, "You don't break habits; you replace one behavior with another one. So give him another word to use when he's frustrated, and don't model it anymore."