Baby Wars: Exclusive

Baby Wars: Exclusive

After listening to Matt share his story, the audience gets a chance to comment.


A woman directs her thoughts to Matt and says, "I don't think you deserve to be a father — now, not in the future. I think that if you can't step up to the plate, you just don't deserve that privilege."


"I just don't understand why you just can't be a dad," a young man says. "Don't you think that the kid's going to grow up and have to read this on the Internet, that his dad was a deadbeat and took his mom to court about it?"


Dr. Phil addresses Matt. "Are you concerned that at some point, say in teenage years or something, your biological daughter's going to read about all of this and you wanting to distance yourself from her. Have you thought about that?" he asks.


"I will simply explain the facts to her," Matt says. "With all that, I hope she understands."


A woman shares her thoughts. "The part that makes me the most upset is the fact that everyone seems to think that sex is just something you do for fun, when it's to have children," she says. "If you're going to engage in that activity, you know ahead of time that that's a possibility you might have to deal with. So when that happens, it's something you've chosen."

One woman asks, "Can he sign away his rights? Can he not have to be the parent? They just want the money?"


Jeff, Matt's attorney, replies. "The way our law reads in Michigan, and I think throughout the country, is that the state can step in and force him to have at

least certain aspects of fatherhood. Right now, that's mainly a financial responsibility," he explains.


Mel adds, "Don't minimize the financial obligations, because the financial burden that this will put on him will make it unlikely that he can now be a father

with a child he wants, because he may not have the resources to do that. This is a major financial burden. Don't trivialize that."


A man says, "When you make a decision like that, I feel like you should step up to the plate. I've been there, done that, and I think once you step up to the plate, that kid needs both parents." The audience applauds.


"We all have choices every day, but you still have to be accountable for your choices. And the choice was made to not wear a condom. He could have stopped any thought of pregnancy if he had made that choice," a woman says.