No Love Lost

"She's very vindictive, conniving, self-centered," Michele says of her former best friend, Christy.

"Spiteful. Hateful," Christy says of Michele. "I met Michele sophomore year of high school. We just clicked immediately." 

"Christy and I were best friends for 20 years," Michele says. But that all changed about two-and-a-half years ago. "Christy took the man I was engaged to away from me," she says tearfully. 

[AD]"I married my best friend's ex," Christy says.

"Two weeks after they started dating, Christy took me to the park and told me that she asked Gary to marry her," Michele says. "I was devastated. I laid in my bed for two months and cried, and cried and cried. I lost 60 pounds over a two-month period. I gave every bit of my heart and soul to them, and they just trashed it."

"She still is a constant thorn in our marriage," Christy says. "She is trying to ruin our family."

"He still calls me and tells me [he] wished it would've been me instead of her," Michele says. "After the breakup, Gary continued to tell me that he loved me, and we were still very intimate up until six months before they got married."

"She has contacted the police stating that I'm harassing her, which isn't the case," Christy says. "Michele blames me and hates me for taking Gary away from her."

"I've had to call the cops on Christy several times for telephone harassment and once for posting messages on my [online] profile under Gary's name. She told me I was crazy, pathetic. She said I was just jealous that he loved her and didn't love me. Christy's afraid that if Gary is alone with me for more than two minutes that I'm going to do to her what she did to me," Michele says. "Last time I saw Christy was two-and-a-half years ago. I have mixed feelings about seeing Christy. I mean, I'm nauseous already at the thought of it," she says with tears in her eyes.

What makes this situation worse is that Michele's 10-year-old son, John, is caught in the middle of all the drama.

[AD]"Christy is making my son's life miserable," Michele says. "Christy has blocked my cell phone and my home phone so that John cannot get in touch with his father."

"Michele has influenced John's feeling for me. Out of the blue, I wasn't allowed to see John anymore," Christy says. "She uses John as a pawn to manipulate Gary. Michele calls me names in front of John every chance she gets. She's completely off her rocker."

"John was so stressed out, [he] was in the bathroom vomiting, and he was in tears," Michele says. "He said, ‘Mom he made me see her.' And right after that was when he was diagnosed with the ulcer. I don't want Christy in my son's life."

The women face each other for the first time in two-and-a-half years. "It's been my choice not to be around her," Michele says. "She's very rude to my son, and I don't like that." Michele says that Christy is rude to her son on the phone when he calls to speak with his father. Christy denies this.

"Why did you want to be here?" Dr. Phil asks Christy.

Tearfully, she says, "Because I've got a 3-year-old who really doesn't understand what's going on, but he's got a brother, and I know as much as John is happy and doing well in school, he's not happy."

"You don't know my son at all," Michele tells her. "You never have, and you never will."

[AD]"Why did you want to be here?" Dr. Phil asks Christy again. When Michele interrupts, Dr. Phil reminds her to let Christy answer his questions.

Christy answers tearfully, "Because Gary and I are married, and our family is not complete without John. He has a place in our family, and it's not complete without John."

"Why did you want to be here?" Dr. Phil asks Michele.

"Because I don't want her in my life, and I don't want her in my son's life, and neither does he," Michele says. "If she wanted to be a part of his life, she wouldn't be blocking the phone numbers every other day."

Dr. Phil asks if they are interested in repairing their relationship for the kids' sake, if not for fixing their friendship. Michele says she doesn't mind if the boys spend time together or with their father, "but John will not be around her. He physically gets ill when he has to deal with her."

[AD]"What's so evil about her?" Dr. Phil asks.

"The way she treats him. I know she's going to deny it," she says.

Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of how it all started.