Backstabbing Sisters: Christy and Stacy

Twisted Sisters?

"My sister, Christy, is the biggest backstabber. Christy is accusing my husband of being a pedophile and sexually abusing all of our children," says Stacy. 

Christy doesn't back down. "I do believe Stacy's husband is a pedophile, and I believe my sister knows it," she says.

When Stacy found a DVD of pornography in the trunk of her husband's car, she confided to her sister. "Christy said, ‘Let me take the family computer, because I can find out if he is leading a double life,'" Stacy recalls. 

"I delivered the computer to a friend who does computer forensics. The expert found over 30,000 images of pornography, many of which were underage children," Christy says.  

Stacy says more troubling revelations followed. "Christy said that my husband was involved in the mob and, 'He is threatening to come kill you and commit suicide.' I believed her. It was devastating," she says, through tears. "I gathered my children up. We drove 600 miles away. I stayed gone for about six weeks. During that time, I started doubting the things Christy was saying. I realized she was lying."

Stacy eventually returned to her husband. Christy is perturbed by the reconciliation. "Stacy has always been willing to turn a blind eye to the abuse if the payoff is right. I believe my sister's husband bribed her with plastic surgery," she says.

Despite their family ties, Christy intends to follow through with her allegations. "I told Stacy if I ever found out she was leaving the children with her husband unsupervised, that I would turn her in to CPS, and I did. I filed one complaint with the police department, one complaint with CPS. I sent an e-mail to the mayor, city council and the DA," she reveals. "I'm proudly a backstabber if turning in a family member for abuse makes me that."


Stacy feels the repercussions of her sister's actions. "I'm a licensed midwife, and Christy stabbed me in the back by filing complaints with my professional association saying I was sexually abusing my own children, publishing films of them on the Internet, and could possibly be abusing my clients' children," she says. "No allegation Christy has ever made against me, my husband or my family has been true."


Stacy's teen daughter, Bethany, says the conflict is tearing their family apart. "All of the accusations that my aunt has made are all false. Saying that my dad sexually abused us kids is ridiculous," she scoffs. 

Christy is unmoved by the turmoil. "Stacy can think whatever she wants to about me being a backstabber. I will not change my story. If my family kills me to shut me up, at least it will draw some attention to the matter," she declares. 

Christy says she was concerned for her safety, so Dr. Phil arranged for a security guard to sit in the audience. Turning to Christy, he says, "Does it seem odd to you that you would be attacking your sister's lifestyle, family and ability to make a living?"

"I never did anything until she called me. I never interfered in her life at all until she called me," Christy maintains. "She told me that she found evidence of possible child pornography " "

"I never said child pornography. I said only pornography," Stacy stresses.

"You told me that you found a DVD that had girls that looked underage on it," Christy says.

"I said pornography," Stacy repeats.

Interrupting their squabble, Dr. Phil says to Christy, "Since then, you say that you have filed an online report with Child Protective Services concerning her behavior with her daughter. You filed a report on fraud and unsafe midwife practices. What does that have to do with her calling you about her husband looking at pornography?"

"The child abuse report that I filed, she admitted to me on the telephone that she grabbed her daughter [Bethany] by the throat, threw her into the wall and choked her until she blacked out," Christy says.

"That's not true. You're lying," Stacy says. "[Bethany] was talking online to strangers, and when I asked her who she was talking to, she said, ‘I don't know.' There was a struggle over the computer. As I pushed her away " she was trying to turn the computer off " I pushed her by the neck to the wall."

Noticing that Christy's husband, Alan, is in the audience having a heated debate with Bethany, Dr. Phil says, "What are you two arguing about down there?"

"We have e-mails that show that Stacy admitted to choking her daughter, slamming her into the wall, to the point where she blacks out," he tells Dr. Phil.

"No," Bethany says. "I was the one that she had the argument with."

"Were you choked until you blacked out?" Dr. Phil inquires. 

"No, not at all. I was pushed away from the computer. I'm not going to defend somebody who would hurt a child. I wouldn't do that," she says, voice breaking. "And for her to accuse my mom and my dad both of doing that ""


Stacy says that she has been exonerated of the charges. "A detective completely investigated us and they found nothing. We told the truth about what happened with the computer," she says.