Banned from the Wedding: Jane and Michelle

Banned from the Wedding: Jane and Michelle

"My future mother-in-law is insane. I think she's bipolar," Michelle says.

"I don't like Michelle. She is very disrespectful to me, mean, and she doesn't want to share my son with me," Jane says. "We were very close. It wasn't just a mother/son [relationship]; we were buddies."

"My mom acts like we were best friends, but that's just not the way it was," Jay says.

"I think her relationship with him is inappropriate and sick," Michelle says. "She's told him on the phone, ‘Tell her you love me.' It got to the point where I couldn't take her anymore. She's not invited to the wedding."

"I totally support Michelle. We made the decision together, and I stand by it," Jay says.

"I was so angry, I could not see," Jane says. "I called the two of them. I told him he was marrying a raving bitch."

"She called me a bitch, told me I was cold-hearted," Michelle remembers.

"The very first thing she said was, ‘Why do you want to come to the wedding?' I went, ‘Michelle, because he's my son, and because you don't want me there, and I'm not letting you win this battle,'" Jane says. "The gloves are off."

"Wow. OK. ‘Now you're definitely not coming,'" Michelle says.

"She still threatens that she's going to show up, and we can't stop her from coming," Michelle says. "I have all the security handled." Their wedding planner is prepared to call the police if she shows.

"I said, ‘Unless you're hiring a hit man, if I decide to come to your wedding, I'll be there.' Oh, they took this as a threat!" Jane says.

Jane reads some text messages that Michelle has sent her. "‘When I have children, they will never know you. You will not be contacted on holidays. You're never going to break us up. I'm not jealous of you, you stupid bitch.'"

Michelle's mother, Shannon, says, "The way Jane treats my daughter is unacceptable. Her comments " they're mean. They're spiteful, almost hateful."

Jay's aunt, Gail, says, "I hate [Michelle] for what she's done to Jane, and I hate him for what he's allowing her to do to Jane." About Michelle, she says, "I think she's a stark raving bitch." 

The wedding is less than a month away. Michelle walks through the ceremony site. "Here will by my family and friends. Here, none of Jay's family is coming," she says.

Jay's uncle, David, says, "Jane called everybody and wanted them to still go to the wedding because she's still concerned about Jay. I couldn't do that. I'd be turning my back on Jane."

Jay's cousin, Jesse, is also out. "I've already resigned my position as best man. Anybody who lets someone treat their mother like that is not worth my time."

"No matter what Dr. Phil says, she's not coming," Michelle says with a laugh. "I don't care if Jesus himself came down and said, ‘Michelle, if you don't invite her, you're going to hell.' I will go down in flames."

"How did this run off in the ditch so bad?" Dr. Phil asks Jane and Michelle.

Michelle, who has a child from a previous relationship, says it began with nasty comments from Jane. "The very first time I met her, she says, ‘What are you doing with somebody who has a kid? You always said you didn't want kids.'"

"That's a lie, Michelle," Jane says.

Dr. Phil asks Jane, "If you didn't say things that agitated the situation, then what did happen? What did she do that got you so agitated?"

"She has told me things like I have a sick and inappropriate relationship with my son," Jane says.

"You admit that you have told Michelle, ‘Shut up, you petty, childish brat bitch' and 'a cold-hearted bitch,'" Dr. Phil says, reading from his notes.

"After I was uninvited to the wedding, that is correct," she says.

"Did you tell your son, ‘I'm not going to let that little bitch win. You're marrying a raving bitch'?"

Jane admits to the second statement. Michelle and Jane argue about what she really said.

"OK, but you did say, ‘You're going to have to hire a hit man or security to keep me away. I'm coming'?" Dr. Phil asks.

Jane says her words were, "‘Just watch whether I show up. Unless you're going to hire a hit man or bouncers, I'll decide whether I'm going to be there.' That was said in anger, Dr. Phil."

Dr. Phil asks Michelle, "Are you contributing to the problem?"

"I've admitted that," she says. "Letting her get a response and going through the e-mail war " "

"Getting a response?" Jane interrupts. "A response? Who has been attacking me since the middle of May, Michelle?"

"You're going to get a response from me when you say things " " Michelle starts.

"I've said nothing! There's been no e-mail; there was no contact. I told my son on the 15th of May, when he called me yet again to say, ‘Michelle's upset. We're upset. There are still things that you're doing that we don't like.' But he couldn't ever really tell me what those things were " "

"We have told you over and over " " Michelle begins.

"Let me finish, please," Jane argues, "and then you will have a chance to tell me what I've done wrong, because so far, you guys haven't been able to tell me what I've done wrong except to love my son and to try to help you guys with the wedding. Who made the aisle decorations, Michelle?"

"We wanted to include you in something. Do you think I cared if you made them or not?" Michelle responds.

"I know that you don't care now, but I didn't know that for a long time. I didn't know that you didn't like me," Jane says.

Dr. Phil tells Jane, "You said you didn't know what it is they say you've done wrong. I just went through a list. I think ‘Shut up, you petty, childish, brat bitch' would kind of be on the list!"

"Dr. Phil, that was after they uninvited me to the
wedding. We had this huge meltdown phone call. It was one occasion. That was it," she says.


Dr. Phil asks Michelle, "Did you write to her, ‘So you want a blog to read, bitch? I pity you. Check into a hospital. You're a bitch. You'll never know my children. You're nothing to us. We disown you. Get an **** life'?" Dr. Phil asks Michelle.

"That was after the threatening, yeah," Michelle says.

"But you did say that to your husband's mother?"

"No, I wrote that on a blog that I told her numerous times, ‘Don't read it.' I knew that she was going on my page. ‘Fine, if you want to look and snoop, [you're going] to find something you might not like."

"Is that helping?" Dr. Phil asks her.

Michelle laughs. "By then, I had tried so many times. We were both just done," she says.