Having it All

"Disgusting, arrogant, pig " these are just a few words Shannon uses to describe her cheating husband," Dr. Phil states.


Joey says that within six months of his wedding, he'd tell women he wasn't married. He claims his marriage is a joke, and he's void of devotion to any one woman in his life. The glue that keeps Joey with this one woman is their two children together.

"I don't consider myself to be married at all.  She does," he says, directing his gaze at Shannon.

Shannon has an ultimatum for Joey " get help and work on his marriage, or end it in divorce immediately.

[AD]"Did I just wake up in the Twilight Zone here?" Dr. Phil shakes his head, trying to get an understanding from his guests. "Why are you waiting for him to decide what to do with your life?" he pointedly asks Shannon. He further tries to understand the logic of Joey being angry when Shannon interferes with his other affairs.

"She allows a lot of it! I don't know a lot of men and women who wouldn't do what I do if she allows it," Joey says.

Dr. Phil tries to wrap his mind around Joey's issue with his wife. "You're criticizing her because she's saying things to the women that you're cheating with that cause you trouble with those women?"

"Yeah," Joey says simply.

Dr. Phil drills down in an effort to comprehend Joey's twisted reasoning, but Joey says he and Shannon have gone in circles for a long time within the course of their marriage. He's moved out more than once, and even drawn up divorce papers.

Watch Dr. Phil read text messages from Joey to his mistress.

Dr. Phil continues reading text messages this time from Joey to Shannon, where he pleads with her not to throw away their relationship over what Joey terms, "a whore."

"Is this the whore in here?" Dr. Phil says referring to the list of text messages Joey had sent to his mistress. "Cause she's going to watch this show."

[AD]Joey says he doesn't know what normal is and pushes more of the blame onto his wife for allowing it to happen. Tired of shifting responsibility, Dr. Phil tries to get him to accept blame where blame is due.

"But what husband would do this stuff?" Dr. Phil asks, inquiring if allowed, would a criminal act be OK? "So you do have some compass of your own that says this is right or wrong."