Unhappily Ever After
Meet wife, Shannon, married for 10 years. She says she's had plastic surgery in the hopes that her husband, Joey, would remain faithful to her. He says if she would just lose weight, he wouldn't have to cheat.

Right after their wedding, according to Joey, Shannon began to gain weight and stopped caring about her appearance.

"I want to look good always. You want your wife to look just as good," Joey says. "When I met her she was a 7 to 8. Now she's a 3 to 4."

According to Shannon, she wasn't even attracted to her now husband when they initially met, but his charm eventually won her over. She admits now, though, that she thinks he does look good.

Joey says he'd probably be more attracted to his wife if she lost weight " somewhere between at least 40 and 50 pounds.

"I want to look sexy, be sexy, be with women that are," Joey says.

[AD]Joey continues that when they married, and he started losing, she started gaining. He has further insults towards his wife.

"He says I'm fat, I ate his wife, and spit her out," Shannon says.

Despite having plastic surgery for breast augmentation to please her husband, Shannon now says Joey tells her that her stomach is larger that her breasts, she's obese and unwilling to make any effort to change in order to satisfy him. She admits his ultimatums don't work and that she feels even less motivation when he criticizes her weight, but Joey maintains that while his attraction for his wife is gone, if she'd just lose the weight, he wouldn't be forced to cheat.

Joey and Shannon join Dr. Phil onstage, and Dr. Phil presses Joey for a reaction to his previous claims.

"It's true. It's true. I did say those things," Joey confesses. He says calling his wife obese does make him feel bad now. Shannon begins to cry with this admission.

"You think you're a pretty hot tamale now?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I'd say so," Joey answers with an ear-to-ear grin. "I'm pretty conceited, I guess."

Shannon's cry begins to sound more audible, and she apologizes to Dr. Phil for her emotions. She dries her tears, and Dr. Phil tells her he'd feel the same way if his spouse was holding him to such ridicule.

"He's convinced you that you're fat and ugly?" Dr Phil asks.

"Yes," Shannons responds, without hesitation. She also discloses that while saddening, they don't prove to be helpful motivation for her.

[AD]Joey works in the fitness industry: body building, MMA training and personal training clients. He says it's a lifestyle he is part of and wants his wife to become part of that with him " but she won't. He furthers that he and his wife made a pact that said if he bought her breast augmentation, she would lose weight for him. Now he feels betrayed by her failure to deliver on that promise.

Shannon counters that Joey has banned her from his gym, and even if she wanted to work out and lose the extra weight she's added since their wedding day, she feels cut out.

Joey discusses Shannon and her looks on their wedding day, comparing her again to a numerical standard, but Shannon interrupts.

"I think I was a 10, and you were a 5," she says with a smile and laugh.

"You give yourself a 9? How about your personality? What do you give that?" Dr. Phil asks Joey.

"To other people, it's good. I guess I'm rough on her," Joey says, speaking of Shannon.

[AD]Dr. Phil takes Joey to task on the recent comments he's made, asking of his values, his sensitivity toward others, and judging his wife on such a superficial basis.

Joey, though, wants to list off fitness equipment he's purchased for his wife that lives only in the garage for their children to play with " from machines to yoga balls.


Dr. Phil has a question for Joey: "If you're a good trainer, and you're a smart guy, how come you can't motivate your wife?" Dr. Phil asks. 


Joey is dumbfounded. 

Though Joey has a lot of complaints of his wife, Dr. Phil is mainly concerned with Joey's values and asks, "Are you conducting yourself with integrity?"

"Most of the time," Joey says.

Joey describes his perfect world.

He tells Dr. Phil that he chose Shannon at a time in his life when he needed her. He says her wholesomeness and nurturing ways worked for him, but soon after making it official, he learned that marriage wasn't for him.

Dr. Phil quizzes Joey, getting him to admit that he used her when he needed her, had her have his children, and be a mother of those children " and now dismisses her because she isn't, as he says "hot enough."

[AD]"Basically, I'm manipulative. I'll admit that," Joey says.

With Joey's openness, Dr. Phil takes the opportunity to ask Joey questions of his physique and whether it is attributed to steroid use. While he says no, he also admits he wouldn't be forthcoming if it were true.