Sex, Lies and Infidelity

"Shannon says she wants her husband to stop criticizing her looks and stop cheating with women that are hotter," Dr. Phil says, but turns his attention now to Shannon asking, "Is there a point in which you say, 'I've had enough'?"

Shannon tells Dr. Phil of all the lies and promises indicating change on Joey's part, but it's left her with very low self-esteem. Shannon and Joey argue onstage about who's responsibility her self-esteem is, however, it doesn't change the facts of the situation.

Dr. Phil schools Joey on his responsibilities as a man.

Last weekend, Joey entered his first body building competition and told Shannon that he was going alone as to avoid distractions; however pictures surfaced of his on-again, off-again mistress in the audience, taking photographs and leaving the hotel en route to dinner with the married husband. When faced with proof of his two-timing, Joey just grins. 

"True, I didn't want her there," Joey finally admits, about Shannon.

[AD]Dr. Phil looks at both spouses and gets them both to honestly say they have different definitions of marriage. While Shannon wants one with fidelity and commitment, Joey does not. His trip home from the show will only unite him back, not with his wife, but with one of several mistresses.

"You're going to continue to see other women, right?" Dr. Phil candidly asks.

"Yeah," Joey answers without pause.