Living a Nightmare
"We found out Jenna was doing drugs her sophomore year," says Ann, of her 21-year-old daughter. "She was doing a lot of heroin, cocaine, pot and LSD."

Ann says Jenna has gone missing for weeks at a time and at one point was living in a drug house. 

"My daughter was being used for sex in the drug house. She was held against her will," Ann says. "One day, an anonymous person from the drug house called me, and they said, ‘You need to get over here and get Jenna, because she’s done way too much meth, and she’s picked herself open everywhere.’ Her fingernails were caked with dirt under them, and she was using these dirty fingernails to pick open her face and her arms. I kept trying to hold her, and she still refused to come with us."

Ann hasn't seen her daughter in more than a week. "She was to take the bus downtown to the AA center, and nobody has seen her since," she says. Wiping away tears, she adds, "I just want her to stop doing drugs so she doesn’t die."

[AD]In studio, Ann tells Dr. Phil that she never, in a million years, would have imagined that her daughter would become a drug addict. She says when she and Jenna’s father learned she was using, they drove to Berkeley and put her in an outpatient rehab.

Dr. Phil asks Ann, “What is your theory about why it went wrong?”

“The only theory that I have is what she has told me, and that is that she has always felt out of place. As a child, she felt out of place with the other kids. They picked on her, and I never saw it,” she says.
Desperate to find her daughter, Ann enlists the help of police Sgt. Baker to help her locate Jenna.

Follow Sgt. Baker as he visits the drug house where Jenna says she was held against her will and used as sexual currency for two months.

After a few weeks, Ann receives a tip on Jenna’s whereabouts. Dr. Phil asks former Dr. Phil guest, Brandon, and his mom, Debbie, to track her down and set up an intervention.

Ann and Sgt. Baker drive to a park in an attempt to locate Jenna. Sgt. Baker speaks with a man, who says he saw Jenna a week ago. Five days later, Ann learns Jenna is staying with a friend in a car. Brandon joins the search and drives around at night looking for the young woman.

In studio, Dr. Phil introduces Sgt. Baker and asks him, “When you first encountered Jenna, you found her on a garage floor? Tell us what you walked into.”

“A garage that was a makeshift room, with computer parts and bike parts stacked floor to ceiling. This 20-year-old girl lying on the floor with a 50-plus-year-old man, surrounded by drug paraphernalia,” he recalls. “In a house full of addicts, this girl was the worst of the worst — the one that we weren’t sure was going to make it another day.”

[AD]“How did she look physically?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Like she was going to die,” he replies. “Very frail, very skinny — like she hadn’t eaten in weeks.”

Dr. Phil asks Sgt. Baker about the man lying next to Jenna.

“[He was] someone who’s found a way to provide her with the drugs she needs or wants in exchange for different sexual favors that she provides to different people,” he surmises.