Beauty Queen Hits Rock Bottom: Madelyn

A Tragic Outcome
"My son was the most amazing kid in high school. He had a 4.67 GPA and managed to do JV basketball, varsity hockey and varsity track. His IQ was tested at Mensa at 187," says Madelyn. "John was a student at UC Berkeley, and he met Jenna at a party. He said Jenna was the hottest girl he’d ever met. She turned him on to cocaine for the first time."

John's life took a tragic turn two years ago. "On March 18, we were called by somebody who told me that my son had an accident, so I called the hospital. They said that he was in cardiac arrest, and they believed it was a cocaine overdose. The MRI showed that the entire top of John’s brain was dead skin, like the calluses on the bottom of your feet, and they said there is no chance of him having any kind of recovery," Madelyn shares. "When I heard that John’s brain was gone, it felt like somebody had sucker punched me with hot coals. It was just unbelievable. The neurologist said, ‘You should just unplug him,’ and I looked over at John, and John was crying. Tears were just running down his face, and I told him that there was no way I was going to do that, and he did stop crying."

[AD]Madelyn says that John now lives in a state that borders the end of minimally conscious. "He can’t talk, he can’t walk, he can’t get up and go to the bathroom," she explains. "Since his accident, we have spent more than $450,000 on John’s care."

The devoted mom has a message for Jenna. "I think Jenna feels guilty, but the best way to honor John would be for her to get clean and sober," she says.
Ann and Madelyn meet for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. Dr. Phil says to Madelyn, “I am trying to impress upon Ann that this is serious business. It needs to be her top priority, and she needs to change the manner in which she is being manipulated and take a tough stand here with us, instead of against us.”

Madelyn agrees. She turns to Ann and says, “Jenna had you bamboozled. Jenna had me bamboozled when I first met her. I like Jenna. She’s a sweetheart. She seemed sincere and kind. She was a nice person but very troubled. Sometimes, you have to be the bad guy.”

[AD]“What would a second chance be worth to you?” Dr. Phil asks Madelyn.

“Everything. I’d give my life for it,” she replies.

“She has that chance now. What do you say to her?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Go with it and run with it, and don’t ever stop,” she tells Ann.

“I won’t,” Ann says, crying.