Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony: Body, Lisa, Mickey

A Grim Discovery

Dr. Phil introduces Lisa Bloom, trial attorney and anchor of In Session's Open Court, who says that all the evidence points to Casey being guilty.

Dr. Phil asks Lisa, "From a legal standpoint here, what's the impact of finding this body?"

"If this is Caylee, the noose around Casey's neck is tightening for a couple of reasons. One is that Casey is caught on tape, talking to her parents a couple months ago, saying, ‘I know Caylee is close. I know she is nearby.' Now the body is found a quarter of a mile away. Secondly, there's a search on the Anthony family computer, Dr. Phil, for neck breaking. The skull of this child that's been found is separate from the rest of the body. Those are two very important pieces of evidence now that are going to link her to this crime."

[AD]"Are you saying that that suggests that there was a break in the neck, and that when the soft tissue decomposed, it was separated?" he asks.

"We need a lot more forensic testing, but what I'm suggesting is what we know so far," Lisa says. "We also know there was a search on the home computer for chloroform. Chloroform was found in the trunk of Casey's car. There is testing going on right now as we speak on the remains. If there is chloroform in the remains, that's going to be another big boon to the prosecution."

Dr. Phil plays a portion of a jailhouse phone call between Casey and her parents, where Casey says her daughter is nearby:

Casey: I just want her back.
Cindy: We know you do, but do you think that after this long, she'd still be local?
Casey: It's a possibility.
Cindy: What's your gut telling you right now?
Casey: That she's OK.
Cindy: And your gut tells you that she's close or that she's hiding?
Casey: I know in my heart she's not far. I can feel it.

[AD]"What do you make of that? Is part of her wanting to tell the truth?" Dr. Phil asks Lisa.

"I think so. How does she know that, Dr. Phil? She's a very strange individual. She tells a lot of lies, and some of the things she says are true. How does she know her daughter's close? At the time she's making that statement, her daughter has disappeared. Volunteers all over the community, all over the state are looking for her daughter. Turns out if these remains are Caylee, her daughter was very, very close," Lisa says.

Mickey Sherman, criminal defense attorney and author of How Can You Defend Those People? joins the discussion, saying this is not an open and shut case.

"Mickey, is this just a runaway train, where everybody is just getting ahead of themselves?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Well, we are so morally outraged by the apparent killing of a young girl that we just want to catch the bad person, no matter who it is," Mickey says. "And, I'm not saying it's a rush to judgment, but more likely than not, it's usually the parent, the spouse, the boyfriend, whatever, so that's why all the directions are going to her. And she hasn't helped her case much either by being inconsistent, by being flaky, and that character assassination of her doing that strip dance in the club, that is just so horrible that it just throws more stones on her. But there still needs to be some bridge between her flakiness, her erratic conversations with her folks. There's got to be a bridge between that and an actual murder, and so far, I don't see any physical evidence unless the scientists come up with something that really actually links her to it, other than ‘Well, she probably did it.'"

"Well, we know that she lies, and we know that she's been odd, but all murderers may lie, but not all liars are murderers, and that's what you're saying, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Totally," Mickey says. "She, clearly, is not the best mother in the world, OK? She's got the track record for that, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's a murderer."

[AD]"She takes a month before she tells anybody that her daughter's missing. That's very hard to understand, unless she just didn't want her daughter to be found," Lisa argues. "But it even gets worse than that because she leads police on false trails. When her mother does tell the police that her daughter's missing, she tells them that there's a babysitter who doesn't exist, she tells them that there's an apartment that had no connection to anything. She tells them she works at Universal Studios, which is just not true."

"There are shreds of truth in a lot of those things," Mickey says.