Behind The Scenes: A Show in the Making

Behind The Scenes: A Show in the Making
Follow one of Dr. Phil's production teams to see what goes into making a show, from A to Z.How did the "Behind the Scenes" episode come about? Robin asks Carla, the show's executive producer, this very question.

"I believe viewers always want to get a slice of what goes on that they can't see on television," explains Carla. "They absolutely love your husband — in case you haven't noticed wherever you go! So I feel like they want to know what goes in to putting a show like this on the air."

"So it's not a one-person job?" asks Robin.

"Not at all," says Carla. "There are hours and hours and hours that go into it. I wanted to not only show something to the viewers, but to pay tribute to the staff who have worked so hard this season and launched this show. I wanted to give them a little piece of glory because they really work hard."
Behind the Scenes of "Sex Wars"

"Love is a battlefield," says Ed (left), a show producer. "We're looking for two people who are just battling over sex."

Patricia, a field producer (bottom left) and Rosslynn, an associate producer, meet in Ed's office to discuss the show.

Hearing that a discussion about oral sex will somehow be included in the show, Patricia asks, "What is this oral sex story about?"

Ed explains, "[A wife] thinks that after you get married, you don't have to give fellatio."

Patricia gasps.


When the production team meets with Dr. Phil to discuss the show's topic, he tells them, "The challenge in this show is to do it in an entertaining way, yet still be tasteful. We're talking about sex and we need to be respectful. But it's not cancer. So you can lighten up. I mean, we're all adults."

Later in the day, Patricia goes to the hotel room of Renee (pictured), a woman who wrote an e-mail in which she discussed her refusal to perform oral sex on her husband. She has agreed to appear on Dr. Phil to talk about the issue, but when the time comes to talk about the topic on camera, Renee becomes embarrassed.

"What if the principal I used to teach watches this thing?" Renee wonders aloud. "Oh, my God!"

Patricia steps outside and calls her producer, Ed. "I've got a big problem," she tells him. "She doesn't want to talk about oral sex at all ... She basically said, 'I don't want to ask for advice from Dr. Phil and I don't want him to give me any advice. I just wanted to pose the question.'"

"Let me investigate," says Ed. "There's a way we can work this out."

Patricia goes back into the room where Renee is waiting. "This is not about me not getting the story," explains Patricia. "I'm about to put you in an uncomfortable position and we don't do that at Dr. Phil."

Renee changes her mind and suggests a different way to discuss her aversion to oral sex: "I'd be happy to say that ... you know, that particular body part ... is for using the restroom and procreating and other than that, I really have no interest vested there."

The next day is taping day. In the morning, Paul (left), the show's director meets with the Dr. Phil crew to go over the show.

While Dr. Phil is in makeup, he discusses the show one last time before taping with his supervising producer, Angie (center right).

Meanwhile, Marlon (right), one of the audience coordinators, directs the studio audience members to the entrance of the soundstage.

Out on the stage, Chandler (left), the show's publicist, warms up the studio audience.

Meanwhile, Rosslynn (far right) visits Renee and her husband, Jim backstage in the greenroom to make sure they're comfortable. After all, they're about to discuss oral sex in front of millions of television viewers.

After the show is taped, Dr. Phil goes back onto the stage to talk to the audience, answer their questions, and find out what they really thought of the show.

Before the audience members leave, they are told not to forget the gift bags that are hidden under their seats.

When asked how they liked being a part of the studio audience, Janet and Joni exclaim, "It was a great show! It was fun. We got our gift bags and goodies!"
Back at Dr. Phil's conference room, a post-show meeting takes place.

"So, how did we do?" asks Dr. Phil.

The team claps.

"Well, you put me up there talking about sex," says Dr. Phil. "I started sweating. How did [the guests] leave?"

"Everybody left so happy and so pleased," says Rosslynn.

"Even the couple who talked about oral sex?" asks Ed.

"Even the couple who [talked about] oral sex" says Rosslynn. "And it was a tough subject to cover. They thought it was very tasteful."

"You know, I said there is no right or wrong answer in here," says Dr. Phil. "This is something you negotiate."