Behind The Scenes: Being a Guest

Behind The Scenes: Being a Guest
Ever wonder what it's like to be a guest on the show? Go backstage and find out.

Being a Dr. Phil Guest

David (right), a show producer, explains, "We got thousands of letters. People want to debate Dr. Phil ... Kellie wrote in about 'Project Single Girl.' I love her. She's a hoot and a half. She's totally pissed off at Phil because she thinks he's blaming the women. [In her letter] she says, 'I can't believe you did a whole 'Project Single Girl' show. There should have been a 'Project Dumb Ass' show about the men [out there].'"

"I went to and wrote them a letter basically airing my beef," explains Kellie. "I really didn't expect anything to come out of it whatsoever. And about a week later, I got a letter from somebody at Dr. Phil asking me if I would be interested in coming on and debating him, which is crazy! But I figured, what the hell?"

Arundel (above left), a production assistant, calls Kellie to make arrangements: "We're so excited you're coming. We're having a limo come to pick you up at the airport and take you to the
Renaissance Hotel, which is right smack in the heart of Hollywood — where they hold the Academy Awards. It will be totally VIP."

"The hotel was gorgeous," says Kellie. "I got four-star treatment. Then they brought me onto the Paramount lot, which was totally cool, because I got to walk onto the Paramount lot as an invited guest."

Next, Kellie is taken to the soundstage where Dr. Phil is taped. Robin McGraw takes viewers backstage to see the greenroom. "Each guest gets their own dressing room," says Robin.

"Then we take them to the makeup room," says Robin. "Here is Lisa, the makeup artist, who gets everyone ready for the show."

"Next door is where Mimi does the hair for every guest," says Robin. "When they leave makeup and hair, they're ready to go!"