Behind The Scenes: Booking the Show

Behind The Scenes: Booking the Show
Behind the Scenes: Booking guests for the show isn't always so easy.

Booking "Men Who Cheat"

Judy (left), a show producer, is faced with the task of finding men who cheat — and are willing to discuss it on television!

Judy wonders aloud, "How do you get men to come on television and talk about cheating on their wives?"

Kandi (center), a senior coordinating producer says, "We've gone through several cancellations with men chickening out. The women are saying, 'Don't you dare go on there and embarrass me any further.'"

Justin (right), a production assistant holds up a thick stack of emails and says, "These are all the people who have told me they don't want to do the show. This is probably anywhere between 30 and 40 people."
Slade (pictured bottom right), a senior associate producer who has just gotten off the phone with a man who wants to come to the show to discuss his cheating, gives his production team (Mary and Justin) the good news: "I told the guy, 'Look, what you're going to say [about cheating], is obviously going to upset women in the audience.' And he was like, 'They'd better be!'"

"I love this guy," says Judy. "He's exactly what we're looking for."

"It's all coming together and we have our three guys!" says Slade.
Booking "My Spouse Acts Like a Child."

At first, show producer Lisa (left) thought that booking her show would be easy. "Everybody knows somebody who's married to a big kid," she says.

On a Friday, with her show scheduled to tape on the following Tuesday, Lisa's team (pictured left to right: Mary, Abbey and Jill) still needs to book one more guest. This means they have to come in on the weekend.

"Saturday at the office," laughs Lisa. "We still need a woman who acts childish in her marriage."
Her team doesn't have any luck finding the elusive guest on Saturday, so they come in on Sunday.

Jill, an associate producer jokes, "It's Sunday now and we get ... I mean, I get uglier as the week goes on!"

Minutes later, her phone rings and she rushes to take the call, hoping it's a potential guest. On the line is Heidi, calling to say that she would like to appear on the show that will shoot in two days. This means that Jill has to arrange to fly her out the following day.

"The show is now booked!" exclaims Jill.