Behind The Scenes:

Behind The Scenes:
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"I'm the senior producer of," explains Carol. "Our goal is to be the resource center for Dr. Phil viewers, where viewers come to the site before the show to see what's coming up, and after the show to review the information Dr. Phil covered in the show, or post a comment on our message boards."

Carol continues, "For every show that airs, we create a feature page that includes advice Dr. Phil gave his guests. We often include additional advice and/or exercises on the site that Dr. Phil may not have been able to cover on the show. Also, if people miss a show, they can always come to the Web site for a recap, or order a tape or transcript of the show."

"People will often watch a show, hear Dr. Phil say something that resonates with them, and want to learn more so they can apply Dr. Phil's advice to their own life," explains Estera, a producer and writer at "We try to provide that for our viewers. They also want to know what happens to guests after they leave Dr. Phil, so we often help to facilitate a follow-up."

Estera continues, "Our viewers are very passionate and outspoken. We get hundreds, if not thousands of message board posts every single day from viewers telling us that they agree or disagree with Dr. Phil's advice. So if you post on our boards saying you have a bone to pick with Dr. Phil, be careful what you wish for. You could end up on the next 'Debate Dr. Phil!'"
"I work with producers to figure out how the Web site can best complement the show," explains Rebecca, a producer and writer at

"Whether it's producing interactive material, creating 'homework' that really drives home Dr. Phil's points, or asking Dr. Phil to elaborate on advice he offers, the Web site is a way for the show to keep on going even when the cameras stop rolling."
"I'm the Webmaster for," explains Jeff. "I handle all of the technical care and maintenance on the Web site. If you're a member, you're probably receiving the weekly e-mail alerts that I send out, letting viewers know what's coming up and which shows to look out for."

Jeff continues, "After show tapings, I help to bring the behind the scenes experience to our online viewers by following show guests, snapping some candid photos and asking them what they feel like after talking to Dr. Phil."