Cautious Mom or Overreacting?
Cheryl, a concerned mom, writes:
Dear Dr. Phil:
I am the mother of three children, and I'm really frightened by the swine flu. My decision not to get my daughter the H1N1 vaccination is tearing me apart. I wash my baby's hands 10 times a day. I even have signs around my house that say, ‘Please take off your shoes immediately, and sanitize your hands,' because I'm so scared somebody in my family could get sick. Is it a mistake to be so cautious about the swine flu?
[AD]"There is so much misinformation out there about this right now. I think we really need to do our homework and keep up with this. We have been in touch with the CDC and Dr. Jim Sears, who is a pediatrician on The Doctors. We've done everything we can to gather this up," Dr. Phil says. "Here's the thing: Right now, they are not suggesting that you keep your children sequestered, that you keep them out of the world, that you don't put them in school, or that you don't let them go out anywhere, unless your child is sick, and therefore run down and vulnerable. If your child is sick, you certainly don't want to send them to school, because if they've got this swine flu, they certainly could spread it."
Dr. Phil says that Cheryl's actions could be teaching her children to be fearful of the world. "You can shape these children into anxiety. You do want to be cautious, but you don't want to make them germphobic," he says. "Please don't overact, and let them know you're just taking precautions. You don't want them to get scared."