Birth Order: Dr. Phil's Sisters

Dr. Phil's Sisters Talk
Dr. Phil's sisters spill the beans on what it was like growing up with him.



"I'm the oldest," says Dr. Phil's sister Deana. "The worst thing about being the oldest is, I'm almost 60! With Phil being the only boy, [in a family] with three girls, we all just kind of doted on him. You would've thought he was Prince William or something."

"Phil is very private about what he does. I know that he's on TV because I turned it on one day and there he was. I know that he's in magazines because when I go by the magazine rack, I see about 10 magazines that he's on the front of. He's got a lot of different businesses and interests. If you happen to hear [about his career] in passing, then you know about it. Other than that, he doesn't call and say, 'Well, guess what I did?' That's not like him."

"It's nice being this close to the family. I can't imagine it being any other way."

"I think I have a lot of middle child syndrome," says Dr. Phil's middle sister Donna. "I just was kind of quiet."

"Phil was adored by all of us. If I would go baby sit and get $10, I would go home and give half of it to Phil. When he got ready to go to college, he had all of these model cars and we thought it was so sweet. Deana and I accidentally broke one of those cars. Inside was a $100 bill folded up. It didn't take us long to get to the other cars!"

"We're not jealous or envious of each other. We all felt that we were special."

"I am the youngest, the baby child," says Dr. Phil's sister Brenda. "Being the baby is mostly positive. The one drawback is, you always seem to be the baby sister."

"I was spoiled. But they had spoiled Phil. So by the time I came along, they had it all down pretty good."

"Phil was always a protector to me. Once, I was on the playground and a bunch of boys weren't letting me on the merry-go-round. I trotted my little curly-headed butt home and told Phil about it. The next day I went down there, I got to go on the merry-go-round any time I wanted to."

"I always looked up to him. He always [represented] strength, knowledge and courage. He was always dependable."